How to draw the abstract to the thesis work

diploma project is the final stage of training at the university.In addition to the diploma, the student will also write a summary to the work and the abstract.For information on how to properly arrange the abstract, we'll talk today.

start writing essay after finishing work on the diploma project.This is a result of your activities and enables readers to get acquainted with your development.

How to draw an abstract?

On this occasion there guests, but ask at their school any questions regarding any requirements for the design work.Some universities publish manuals containing the rules of writing scientific papers students.

Essay must be the cover sheet.It specifies the name of the institution and the department name at the top of the page.Further, the center of the sheet to write the phrase "abstract for the thesis work" (otherwise this type of work may also be referred author's abstract).Capital letters indicate the topic of the diploma.

At the bottom of the sheet should be written on the right faculty, course and group, as well as the name and surname of the student.In some cases, you can provide information about the teacher, who is your research supervisor.At the bottom of the page indicate location and year of writing the essay.

art work printed by the same rules as in the case of a diploma.The font selected Times New Roman, size - 14. Padding - standard text editor.

Abstract of the thesis must be numbered pages, which begins with the title page.However, on the very first page number is not affixed.

Essay should not be large.The maximum number of pages - 10.

contents of the abstract to the diploma

You have to create your own annotation.In some universities this kind of work is independent.If you are interested in how to draw an abstract for the thesis work, then check with the teacher.

The annotation specifies the name of the work and the author's data.The following write a graduation project goal, objectives that you have set to achieve this, as well as special techniques used at the time of the study.It may be economic modeling, mathematical calculations or programming tools.

now necessary to briefly describe the content of the work.It is enough to just five proposals.At the end of the conclusions and recommendations are presented in an abbreviated form.There will be no more than an indication of the novelty of the results and their value.

At least prescribed number of pages in the thesis work, the total number of figures and tables.The last point - a list of all keywords and phrases.There should be no more than 15. Only select the words that have the greatest meaning in your work.

In the essay must be re-duplicated information on the purpose and objectives, but in expanded form.It also indicates the degree of coverage of the scientists of the world and its contribution to the development of the region.

Disclose in the abstract contents of all sections of the thesis with the interim findings.At the end of the general conclusion of the entire project and sign the main recommendations.

sure to ask at their school, how to draw abstract.In some cases, it may consist of only one sheet, and be a backup annotations.If you are required to complete version of the essay, then you must provide a detailed overview of the work in sections.