How to learn hypnosis and become a hypnotherapist

most mysterious method of treatment is hypnosis.This method is entangled in legends and myths, and most people associate it with witchcraft and various otherworldly forces.But all this prejudice.Hypnosis has long been recognized by official medicine and used it for about 150 years.You do not have to be a magician or psychic to learn hypnosis.Moreover, many famous hypnotists are atheists.

A inherently hypnosis - is a kind of condition, like sleep, which is caused by an artificially.But during the hypnotic sleep is not sleeping the whole brain.Some of its sections, called "watch-points", continue to watch.And through them affects the hypnotist hypnotized person.That is in the process of consciousness narrows and focuses on suggestion.

And now, there are at least two types of hypnosis.One of them referred to the legislative and the other, respectively, non-legislative.And to learn how to learn hypnosis, you must first decide what type of hypnosis you're going to learn.Directory hypnosis is more complex, since it man sinks into a deep trance.And the impact on his mind at the same time is more effective.But this is only a very susceptible to hypnosis hypnotizability people, whose number is constantly decreasing.

And hypnotist who wants to know how to learn hypnosis, policymakers should develop a certain quality.That unblinking stare confident and clear voice.Another good hypnotist has such character qualities as credibility, politeness, integrity, honesty and openness.They can be both man and woman.What matters is that the hypnotist could look at a point located between the human eye.Still, he should not be afraid of failure, and even think about it.This hypnotist always believe in the success and achieves it.

more newcomers in this area are concerned about how to master hypnosis look so magical and powerful.This can be achieved if every day to do these exercises.In the morning and in the evening you get in front of a mirror and look at a single point on the nose without blinking at the same time.If so long to train, then you will have the ability to look unblinkingly at someone's face, first minute, then five, ten or maybe even twenty minutes.And when your eyes are not tired or tears.

Well, when non-directive hypnosis a person is entered in a lighter kind of trance.And since you can hypnotize almost anyone.Especially there are techniques by which the object is induced trans unnoticed.That is the person, being of sound mind, he does not understand that he was in a trance.Nondirective hypnosis is often used in neuro-linguistic programming.Also, this method is used by Gypsies.Still, this is called conversational hypnosis and Ericksonian.This name comes from the name of its creator, Milton Erickson, who is one of the greatest hypnotherapists.

more to know how to learn hypnosis, you have to learn the basic methods of entering into this state.They have a few.For example, if a long stare at the shiny object, then there is the oppression of the visual center of the brain.That may be the subject of a coin, a metal ball or a candle.Also entering into a trance would contribute to and influence on the auditory center of the brain.This is done by using the recorded sounds of rain, wind howling in the chimney, knocking train wheels and other similar sounds.These methods are effective both in hypnosis and self-hypnosis while.

general, treatment with hypnosis in many cases is very effective.But there are also some requirements for those interested in the question of how to learn hypnosis.And the first requirement - it takes, as well as to treat people with the help of hypnotherapy is strictly forbidden for people who have no medical training.It is also contraindicated to use hypnosis to treat children under the age of 10-12 years.And for hypnosis older children need a special approach, and should do this only by specialists.