Duty free shops Duty-free - is the main factor in the development of international trade

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integral part of modern international relations have become free economic zone.To one of the most common types of them now include a free trade area - a customs territory in which the process of the sale of goods takes place without the payment of duties and other restrictions on foreign trade.Some of the free zones in the first place include special duty-free shops.

Location stores

Most of these shops are located in the major international airports.The most common and popular form of duty-free - these are stores that are in transit and the relegation zone.In addition, the sale is carried out also through kiosks and individual stands, as well as in the air.Prices in duty-free on board aircraft is much lower than in the airport area.This is mainly due to the costs of implementing minimum trade with the only drawback is a limited range.Today, the duty-free - it's an online store whose services are used more often.Select products online, you can pay it off in an aircraft on international flights specified in the order.

also duty-free shops can be found at the checkpoints on the border of neighboring states, crossed by car or on foot, as well as in major international seaports.On ships, the big assortment of items.Prices are usually increased, due to a lengthy period of sea travel.


mainly purchases made in duty-free, - are goods, which are conventionally divided into two groups.The first consists of a traditional set, and the second depends on the specifics of state.

to traditional group includes:

  • alcohol;
  • tobacco products;
  • cosmetics and perfumes;
  • jewelry.

As for specific goods, today in duty free shops you can buy practically anything your heart desires: modern gadgets, clothes, souvenirs and much more.

Rules and restrictions

Indeed, duty-free shops are an excellent opportunity to purchase a variety of goods at competitive prices.But there is another side to the coin duty-free: these are the rules and restrictions that exist in the sale in these stores.

Standards Organization is governed by the laws of the country in which it is located.And they are different for different states.For example, duty-free Sheremetyevo governed exclusively by the laws of the Russian Federation in Frankfurt - German law.

the right to establish, depending on the conditions of customs import and export of goods in the countries that will attend.For each individual state restrictions.But there are general rules:

  • when buying mandatory availability of passport and boarding pass;
  • limited amount of items and the number of purchases;
  • limit on the total amount of acquisitions;
  • restrictions on the importation or exportation of a certain group of products, which often include tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, perfumes and other specific products.

Shops Duty Free - the basis of successful development of the economy through international trade and increase investment.