What is overdraft.

What do we know about overdraft?It is a form of lending, which is characterized by its simplicity, ease of use and design.You can also say that an overdraft is an excellent option for those who do not want to depend on anyone, even if in some time urgently need money.One of the best options for the consumer is the overdraft.Savings Bank provides such a service.


first thing that you can see on closer acquaintance with the conditions - the interest rate.You can not say that she was very high, but the alarming fact that it can change over time, and unilaterally, ie without the prior consent of the client.The borrower only warning two months before the new conditions take effect, and must either accept them or to repay the overdraft.Sberbank also when inflation will not operate at a loss, like any other bank - will increase payments to raise rates or introduced additional fees.

monthly payment

During registration overdraft necessarily need to pay attention to the amount of the monthly payment.Even if every month to pay the loan, but in an amount insufficient to repay the minimum payment, the loan is overdue.Will the use of accrued interest and penalties.But that's not the worst.If you run an overdraft, the Savings Bank can fix a bad credit history, which can then lead to problems with obtaining credit.

What happens if you still do not pay?

If you do not pay the Savings Bank overdraft for a long time, fines and fees may be greater than the sum of the delay.And even if the payments will be resumed, the very amount of the loan will not be repaid as long as all of the penalty will not be paid.There are cases where the customer is not repaid overdraft a few months, and then it starts to make minimum payments, and the amount of debt at the same time only increases.Customer surprised he did not understand how this is possible.It's very simple - a few months ran up a debt that you make the payment of the old client did not cover, and debt is rising.In this case, you first need to repay the fine, and then pay an overdraft.

Savings Bank takes a fee for the service?

We must not forget that every year is debited for servicing the loan, which can be an unpleasant surprise if the client does not know about it.Annual maintenance will depend on whether the customer card, on which the overdraft.Such annual Commission have each bank.In some, it can be more or less.This small commission may be accompanied by high interest rates for the use of credit or a small grace period.To avoid misunderstandings, we can calculate the loan from Sberbank, the calculator can be found on the official website.

before a final conclusion about which bank the most profitable overdraft is required to take into account all the nuances.And always carefully grasp the meaning of the loan agreement, especially in the part that is written in small letters.