The authenticity of the handwriting

fixation on the letter of certain movements inherent in a particular person - it is the handwriting.Graphologist, exploring it, believe that they can tell a lot about the features of a person's identity on the nature of writing letters.Do not engage in such analysis of people, can also be determined by the same characteristic strokes belonging text, if you are already faced with a similar spelling.But in both cases, a skillful counterfeit unlikely to make out.Meanwhile, life happens something similar to an intricate detective.

forged documents, falsified privatization, sale of apartments, inheritance disputes - often require careful examination, iestudy and determine the truth.The basic method is considered to be a comparative analysis of the disputed documents and confirmed by the originals.Other treatments include the timing of training, decoding information in the document that has been damaged.Changes in the study papers, inserted into the text, especially dates and sums are also studied carefully.

Signature analysis in these cases helps to establish the authorship of artistic and scientific works, used in civil and criminal law, which is especially necessary when considering legal documents fakes examination of handwriting, for example, mortgage fraud and investigations.The special place in this study takes signature comparison.Originally studied general and specific features of writing.It does not always look the same signature may be one and the same person, she sometimes deliberately distorted.Next, we study the stability and essential features.Identification importance are: the slope when the signature in its middle part, a feature of the stroke, the shape of the initial and final touches placement points of motion, the compound of letters, etc.There is technical expertise and signature, which establishes the possibility of forgery signatures using copiers, stroke, drawing.Note that this work is much more rigorous and complex than, for example, linguistic expertise.

for handwriting examination involved handwritten notes, signatures of different years, diaries, letters, notebooks, signature on the receipt.These samples are called free.If the samples of handwriting and signatures are obtained as a result of audits and legal proceedings - statements, explanations, signatures in the protocol - it is conditionally free documents.There are experimental samples obtained in conditions close to the conditions of the signatures, which are analyzed.They are usually performed under the dictation during the proceedings.In addition to the investigation, such examination is carried detective bureau and law firms.