How do I know the debt from the bailiffs?

Everyone once in my life to go into debt.If the amounts are small, they can still somehow remember.But when the money must be returned at once in some instances, may start confusion.If time does not pay the debt, in the most unexpected moment it can get out sideways.For example, during check-in you find that you wrote to the bank statement of claim and won the case.How do I know the debt from the bailiffs?

Who may not be allowed abroad?

Art.67 of the Law "On Enforcement Proceedings," it is said that persons who have debts of alimony, loans, taxes, penalties, payment of utility bills, which without good reason outstay refund may be made to the database FSSP.On the basis of these data, they will be limited departure from the Russian Federation.At the same time the individual decision of the court is not required.For IP Resolution Tax Service to recover the debt itself is an executive document.On the basis of its information can be entered into the database of FBS.Therefore it is necessary to know in advance the debt from the bailiffs.

Moreover, the basis for enforcement proceedings can be any administrative violations: failure to return the money to the tax, traffic police, border police, veterinary services, customs, labor inspectorate.Any penalty must be paid within 30 days from the date of entry into force of the provisions (Art. 32.2 of the Administrative Code).Then it must submit to the authority that ordered the documents confirming the fact of payment.If this was not done, all materials will be sent to the bailiff.Up to this point, you can safely leave the boundaries of the Russian Federation.And that does not worry about it, it is necessary to know in advance the debt from the bailiffs.


After the judgment, the debtor has five days for the voluntary repayment of debt.This right is spelled out in the document.If no response, the executive office may take debt enforcement, for example, to seize the property.If the debt is not repaid voluntarily, the offender is not entitled to leave the country.But if care is taken to the enforcement of debt, such a ban is not always legitimate.


SP owes the bank 5 million rubles.The bailiff to collect the debt from the property - the three listed on the subject of business machines.It was found that, for instance, KAMAZ SP were not delivered due to fraud and stolen hatchback and wanted.Then the bailiff decided to collect the debt from income SP.It was found that the person is the source of the cash flow in the form of wages on the job with another employer.For the 6 months it is possible to recover 50 thousand. Rubles in favor of the bank.Since the debt is fully repaid, the officers may prohibit the offender to leave the Russian Federation.But in this case, you can go to court and appeal the decision.But it is better to know in advance the debt from the bailiffs.

The amount does not matter

The law on this subject are not spelled out any restrictions.Even a cheap debt may become the basis for making the debtor in the "black list".But the tax authorities are rarely treated with the writ of execution, if the amount does not exceed 1500 rubles.The cost of registration of documents can not be recouped.But there are times when the system control allows people with debts of several thousand rubles to leave the country.Crashes happen, but rarely.

In FZ Unknown as the period for which can be exempted from the prohibition.The Order number 36 of the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service for Moscow indicated that it can not exceed 6 months.And then what?If the debt is not paid, perhaps, the authority asks for re-regulation.Therefore it is necessary to know in advance the debt at the bailiff and to pay its debts.

How does the ban

after making the decision bailiff must forward it to the debtor, and the Migration Service.The latter makes the data in the list of "restricted to travel abroad".If such a person is not a passport, it will be impossible to get it until the debt is repaid.If the document is, the request is sent to him at the time of withdrawal of the ban.Do it yourself bailiff has no right.In practice, passports are taken very rarely.But if the document is not taken from the debtor, the court may not recognize the ban on the legal.

The procedure has a very important point - the failure to obtain the offender making the decision to ban.If the person does not live at the address or evading receiving the message, the shipping is still considered valid.So you should be warned beforehand on the free movement of the world, especially if you know that you have carried out in relation to the enforcement proceedings.When checking the debts?At least one month before the expected date of departure.

How to tell if a receivable from the bailiffs?

appeal to the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP).Their branches are located in almost every city of the Russian Federation.But to get the information you need to visit the office in office hours.Thus it is possible that on the same day you do not get all the necessary information.If the queue is large, and you have arrived at lunch, you can not manage to see a specialist.For those who still decided to personally visit the Department of FSSP, we must remember that the whole of the Russian Federation, this structure receives citizens on Tuesdays (8:00 to 16:00) and Thursday (from 16.00 to 19.00).

An alternative method

If you wish to queue up there, we can learn from the debt bailiffs on the same site of the organization.It works around the clock.List of debtors is truncated character.The database is no data on the amount and vzyskatelja, but check the availability of the lists may be subject.In the opinion of police officers, every defaulter should be aware of their debt.Service utilities and banks did not immediately go to court.Tough measures are taken only against malicious defaulters.

On the home page in the lower left corner there is a button "Learn about your debt."After clicking it opens a page with information on the database.Below is a form to fill out.The first step is to choose the direction of the search.Learn receivable from bailiffs by the name can only individuals.To do this on the site will need to specify the place of residence, name, date of birth.Legal entity must specify the territorial authority in the form of registration, the name of the company, address, state registration.To learn receivable from the bailiffs of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, for example, or any other region of the Russian Federation on an open case, you need to select "Search by IP."As a result, it displays a table with a list of debts.Directly from the site you can pay off the debt.For this purpose the line "service" you need to press "Pay".The system provides several options for repayment of debt, "Promsvyazbank" accepts cards Visa, Mastercard, Qiwi, Webmoney, payment information in the database is updated automatically.When you visit a site appears on the page "Search did not match."

case scenario

After repayment of debt have to present a bailiff documents confirming the fact of payment.On their basis is the decision on the abolition of restrictions.This document is sent to the local office of the Federal Bailiff Service.There the data is entered into the registry.Copies of the documents are sent to the migration service and debtor.All services are notified once a week.Therefore, to exclude yourself from the "black list", to do the repayment of debts worth at least three weeks before the provisional date of departure.


At any administrative violations can get to the base "restricted to travel abroad".This person may not even realize it.The writ of execution writes bailiff.Explore the debt are two ways to visit the Department of FBS and sit in line or go to the website of the organization of the same name and view all the data there.The second option is more preferable, because right from the page you can repay the debt in several ways.And apply to update information in the database do not have to.