Winter wonderland opens Veliky Novgorod: Ice Palace pleased guests

In today's dynamic world of sport has taken a leading position in human life, and progress has expanded the range of options.Now almost everyone in our country have the opportunity to practice your favorite sport all year round, it is possible directly from the emergence of mass sports facilities in different directions and challenges from conventional sports grounds in the courtyard to the complex multi-sports complexes.One example of such structures can boast of Veliky Novgorod: ice palace, equipped with the latest technology, is able to satisfy not only amateurs "ice sports", but real professionals Olympic ranking.

quality and convenience - the success

newest equipment of domestic and foreign production work for the common good in symbiosis solely for the convenience of the average user of the rink.Friendly Ice Palace "Iceberg" Veliky Novgorod equipped with natural ice, which allow you to enjoy all the benefits of excellent winter sports, from figure skating to hockey.Great Hall, which houses the "Iceman", will protect you from the scorching summer sun and spring rain.

There are 3 dressing rooms that will quickly pereoblachitsya your equipment.In the case of the absence of any detail you will be able to rent or buy is located immediately sporting goods store everything you need from the ridge to a variety of protective shields for hockey.Professional sharpener will shape your skates.Ice Palace in Veliky Novgorod offers many other attractions for all visitors.After skiing, you can enjoy

strong delicious coffee in a cafe, located right in the building.Needless to say, the new building adorned and enlivened the city of Veliky Novgorod.The Ice Palace is a modern architectural design.For the convenience of visitors, it is equipped with a shower, which is very handy after a strenuous exercise on the ice.High-speed free WI-FI will allow you to instantly put your self on the ice in the network or to control the flow of important information to you in a cozy quiet bar "Iceberg".

relax with family and colleagues

Lovely atmosphere and very low prices provide an opportunity both for amateur and semi-professional competitions at the highest level, and for the usual family vacation, corporate parties and progressive colleagues, who do not want to vegetate at the table of the restaurant.

for adults and children, offers many attractions in Veliky Novgorod.Ice Palace has a plurality of sections and circles for athletes of all ages.And in the team recruited children from seven years and older that will allow you to grow out of his son's true athlete.

road far

get to the Ice Palace "Iceberg" may be on your machine (your service is a vast parking lot, where it is safe to leave your car) and public transport.On February 1, 2015 to the rink were built two routes of public transport.However, even from the region will be easy to get in Veliky Novgorod.Ice Palace with joy waiting for new visitors!