Volcano in Chile.

in Chile many sights and interesting places - deserts, lakes, glaciers and islands.The country is rich in national parks, monuments and exquisite architecture.But the volcano in Chile - a calling card, created by nature.Beauty during the eruption charms, but he brings a lot of destruction.


volcanoes on the surface of the earth's crust, both on land and under water, there are geological formations - volcanoes.The eruption is accompanied by the emission from the earth to the surface of magma movement that takes place along the faults of the crust under the influence of high pressure.On the surface, the magma is transformed into the lava, volcanic rocks, gases, pyroclastic flows.Lava can be poured from the cracks of the crust, forming a lava field, either vent flow through the crater.Volcanoes are adjacent to the active sites of the lithospheric plates.The ocean is deep-sea trenches, and on land - mountain systems.

one of the States on whose territory a lot of volcanoes, is Chile.It is located in South America.Ojos del Salado - Volcano in Chile, located at an altitude of 6769 meters above sea level, is the highest in the world.

Vulcan mythology

According to Roman mythology, Vulcan is the god of subterranean fire, the patron saint of blacksmiths and artisans.According to legend, his blacksmith shop is in the earth of Etna, and help him Giants Cyclops.In Rome, it is given the cult of fire, erected temples outside the city, where the Senate held meetings.In the name of the god Vulcan ancient Romans called the mountain from which the fire erupted and destroyed everything in its path.In honor of the deity every year to spend the holiday - vulkanalii.Celebrating accompanied by sacrifices and games.

in Chilean mythology is the spirit, which, like the Roman god, brings misery, and the eruption of a volcano in Chile associated with it.Spirit called the name Pillan.He lived in the "House of Spirits" - Villarrica volcano.

Chilean volcano

State of Chile has an elongated shape.On its territory there are two mountain ranges: the Andes Cordillera in the east and the west, elongated along the coastline.In a country stretched the Pacific "fire belt", which includes a chain of volcanoes and tectonic faults of the system, the length of which sometimes reaches up to 40 thousand. Km.The peculiarity of the mountain system is that it is formed by a lot of active points in the earth's crust.The list of volcanoes, both extinct and existing, includes about 2900 names.Tops that are above 5,000 meters above sea level, covered with snow.Mountain scenery Chile consist of alternating mountain ranges and volcanic cones.

High seismic activity is a consequence of the geological structure.Volcanic eruption in Chile occurs very frequently, sometimes several times a year.The most active volcano in South America is llaima.

Active volcanoes

volcanic activity in Chile continues today.There are more than 40 active volcanoes, some of them are located near cities.The eruption is very spectacular, and look at this action comes a lot of tourists.In addition, the picturesque landscape in the mountains - snowy peaks and lakes.

active volcanoes in Chile are the natural attractions and hiking trails him.You can climb to the crater - see the smoke rising from it and smell the released gases.

In Chile there are about 270 thermal springs.Due to the volcanic activity much of the groundwater sources are magmatic origin and the corresponding chemical composition.

Volcano Villarrica

The volcano is located in the National Park Villarrica, its height is 2847 meters, is located at the foot of the lake and the town of Pucon.The volcano has erupted many times, and the last of his awakening occurred March 3, 2015.

Top of Villarrica is covered by a glacier, and from its crater is constantly rising column of smoke.It is the only volcano in Chile, at the bottom of the crater lake which is basaltic lava.The sights are lava caves, their feature is that the walls of the caves - are fragments of lava spilled in his time on the surface.

Vulcan lot of vegetation, it is inhabited by animals.It is home to the cougar, South American deer, a Chilean opossum, nosed skunks, nutria, South American red fox.From the bottom of the vegetation can be found notafagusy upstairs grow coniferous forests of the Chilean araucaria.

Vulcan is a ski resort with slopes and lifts, so there is more you can go skiing and snowboarding.

volcano Puyehue Puyehue

- active volcano in Chile, it is located in the south of the country.Geographically, it belongs to the south-east of the Andes and is part of the chain of Puyehue-Cordon Kaulle.The height of the peaks above sea level is 2236 meters.

believed that the volcano appeared 300 thousand. Years ago, his last activity was recorded in 1960, since then it has not manifested itself.The last eruption occurred on 4 June 2011.It all started with tremors.The Earth's crust a crack from which went up a column of ash.Escape from the volcanic ash covered the entire surface of the lake Nahuel Huapi, located in Argentina.The eruption affected the development of flora and fauna, vegetation was preserved only at the foot.

Volcano Tupungato

magnitude and size of volcanic massifs varied.The largest of them are located in South America in the main Cordillera of the Andes on the border of Chile and Argentina - a mountain Tupungato. volcano is located 90 km from the city of Santiago - the capital of Chile.Its main peak has an absolute mark of 6800 meters above sea level.This is the height of an extinct volcano.Active volcano is located south-east, and it corresponds to the height of the top of 5640 meters, has several craters, where there is activity.

Volcano Parinacota

in the natural Lauca National Park in northern Chile is the volcano Parinacota.Its height is 6348 meters above sea level.Last time the activity of the volcano was shown in 290 BCThe volcano is considered dormant.On its slopes are visible lava flows, effusive about 8,000 years ago.