As the pores on your face at home

Problem skin for the most part found in women, in whom there is increased activity of the sebaceous glands.At the same time there are such troubles for the appearance of each owner greasy skin types, as the inflammation of acne and pimples.The closer the summer, the question of how to narrow the pores on the face, becomes urgent.

This question could decide for themselves in the beauty salon or at home.Experts salons often use for this purpose, laser resurfacing and chemical peels, which are used for a weak solution of salicylic, glycolic or fruit acids.Such procedures can injure the skin, and for them there are a number of contraindications, so first should consult a doctor.It is also a beauty salon can offer vacuum, ultrasonic or mechanical cleaning pores.

How to clean the pores on your face at home?It's enough to use a few simple rules.

  • twice a day to clean the skin of the face - before going to bed and after waking up;
  • use a proper fitting makeup that is to dry the surface and remove the shin
  • once a week to clean the skin scrub, peeling or exfoliation - it will help to improve blood circulation and smooth the skin texture;
  • not wash with hot water and steam out the face - it injures the epidermis;
  • not squeeze pimples;
  • use tonic lotion after cleansing and purification - it is somewhat soothes the skin and pores;
  • sometimes (a couple of times a week) wipe the face with ice cubes, which also tones and reduces pores.

In addition, to help solve the problem of facial mask tightens pores.This may be a protein or a clay mask.She did so: white or blue clay diluted in water to a state of pulp and applied to the skin with a thick layer.If skin is oily, you can add a few drops of lemon juice or oil of lemon grass.And after 15 minutes wash the mask with warm water, then wipe the face tonic.

As the pores on your face, and if there are also fine wrinkles?In such cases, the effectiveness will be lemon-protein mask, cooked at home.It is necessary to mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and one egg.Such a mixture of several layers need to smear the face and wait fifteen minutes, after which - wash.

are not only owners of greasy, oily skin care the question of how to narrow pores.On the face with dry skin, they are also highly visible.How to fight it?Here, your assistant - blue clay.Just prior to applying the mineral substrate surface to be treated dermis nourishing cream.

rosehip infusion solution is effective for mature dry skin.A few drops of this essence is added to two tablespoons of cooked berries from the same broth.On the face of compress is applied (at least 10 minutes).Used twice a week.

to comprehensively address the issue of how to narrow the pores on your face, you must also comply with a simple diet.Every day is recommended to drink two cups of herbal tea, including chamomile, mother and stepmother, lavender, rosemary, sweet clover, and star anise.These herbs in equal quantities filled with hot water (not boiling) and infused for days in a cool dark place.After that, the infusion should be diluted with water to a state of normal tea you can drink.For added effect, you can add a little thyme and sage.