Humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

Last year the news about Ukraine and its people do not go to the front pages of publications and news feeds.Panic, death, the death of thousands of civilians and the military is an integral part of associations that arise at the mention of that State.Once famous for the rich history and culture of the country has now become the pain and fear of Europe.It makes talk about himself again and again, not only the world's politicians and international organizations, but also ordinary citizens, watched with horror the scene.

How to help?

Humanitarian assistance - this is perhaps the primary needs of Ukrainians who live in the eastern part of the country.In connection with the conflict, which has dragged on for months, this issue is particularly acute, because hundreds of families, collecting only the most necessary things went, one where he could, turning into refugees without shelter, without food, clothing.And they are now pressing question of where to receive humanitarian aid.

reaction of the population in different cities of Ukraine

So indifferent residents of Odessa, along with community organizations and volunteers, in August 2014 joined forces, creating a call center "Trust deeds" that collects information on arriving in Odessa refugees andtheir needs.Call the hotline can be by number 15-35.

In addition, to address all participants in different parts of the city were discovered additional items of humanitarian aid.They work from 09:00 until 17:00 and is located at the address below:

1) lane.Volzhsky, d. 3, tel.+380963320715;

2) st.Balkovskaya, d. 42, tel.+380930367082;

3) st.Tar, d. 7, tel.+380633648677;

4) Street.Sakharov, d. 30, tel.+380934205685;

5) ave. Shevchenko, d. 8, tel.+380487873076;

6) st.George Gamow, d. 3, tel.+380938688117;

7) st.Joliot-Curie, d. 24-a, tel.+380934205685;

8) st.Catherine, d. 8/10, tel.380639479641.

In Kharkov, in all nine districts of the city and operate collection points humanitarian aid.They are located in the district and voluntary organizations of the Red Cross, as well as in the territorial centers for social services.

Addresses to which humanitarian assistance is provided to refugees:

1) Oktyabrsky district Street.Vlasenko, d. 14, str.Krasnooktyabrskaya, d. 6, d. 20;

2) Ordzhonikidze district Street.April 12, d. 8;

3) Kiev district Street.Frunze Str. 12;

4) Dzerzhinsky District Street.Novgorod, d. 4;

5) Comintern District Street.Plekhanov, d. 12-B, lane.Reshetnikovsky, d. 3;

6) Frunze district Boulevard Khmelnitskogo Str. 10;

7) Leninsky district st.Railway, d. 26, Pr. Glory, d. 5 Street.Kotlova, d. 34a;

8) Chervonozavodskoy District Street.B. Khmelnitsky, d. 13.

residents of Dnipropetrovsk can help migrants and they need to bring things to the point of reception of humanitarian aid, which is in the office on the street 3.Naberezhnaya Lenina. 15a of the Institute "Dnieper" (tel. 380 675 800 899).

Not far behind cities and Zhitomir, whose residents are actively involved in helping migrants from the Lugansk and Donetsk regions.Mechanical repair plant, located at ul.Chekhov, d. 1, coordinates the work of volunteers and residents of the city to collect food, clothing, daily necessities.Refugee engaged in the Kiev region:

  • the village.Kotsyubinskoe - Olga, tel.+380509826075;
  • the village.Proleski - Irina, tel.+380952526624;
  • the village.Most Dymerka - Natalia, tel.380958273064.

Legal assistance, reception and delivery of humanitarian aid carried in Kherson, in the branch of the organization "Crimea SOS», located at ul.Sovetskaya (for military enlistment office).The organization is open from 09:00 to 17:00.Contact with representatives of the branch can be by number 380952775355.

In Melitopol there are several points of reception and delivery of humanitarian aid.The main one is located at ul.Communards, d. 50 (tel. (06192) 477 138, 413 359).Other items: st.Lenina. 137 (tel.424060), pr. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, d. 87 (tel.428327), Str.Gagarin Str. 1 (tel.72222), pr. Of the 50th anniversary of the Victory, d. 36/1 (tel. 53778).

Humanitarian assistance is received in specially designed areas of Kiev, in particular, at the address.Frolov, d. 9/11 from 11:00 to 13:00.For more information, please call +380666444550 (Alexander Koval).

volunteer organizations

During the period of undeclared war in Ukraine, there have been many volunteer organizations that are engaged in the search for housing and resettlement of refugees, and the collection and distribution of basic necessities, clothing, shoes, food.

«Vostok SOS» and Governmental hotline

one of the above organizations is the "East SOS».Volunteers "East" provide legal and humanitarian assistance, assistance in resolving issues on the liberation of the hostages.For advice immigrants from eastern Ukraine need to call the following hotline number: +380667051257, 380,963,711,847.

There is a free government hotline support refugees from the Donbass - 0,800,507 309. There will prompt what documents must be carried to the relocation, and in which cities can accommodate people in need.

Humanities headquarters

suffered in the zone of combat operations to the population and humanitarian aid has headquarters based at the Foundation Rinat Akhmetov.He is in close contact with the public, voluntary and international organizations.

Staff Jobs focused on the delivery of humanitarian aid to areas where there is an urgent need (for example, in early October, aid has been sent to Severodonetsk, Artemovsk and Krasnodon);the evacuation of families from the combat zone;Search and accommodation of refugees and displaced persons in nursing homes, recreation centers, private apartments and houses;to provide targeted assistance to those who apply for such.

Each of these areas is supervised by a specially created team of associates.

headquarters is located in Mariupol.To provide information, counseling and seek help can be by number 0 800 50 90 01.

Humanitarian assistance to Ukraine from the international community

important role in supplying the affected people play and international organizations, including the Red Cross and the Foundation supplies the population thathelping to deliver humanitarian aid to the country.

Humanitarian assistance to Ukraine was provided by Germany.October 23, 2014 the representatives of the said countries sent in Dnepropetrovsk 10 trucks with 200 tons of cargo, which includes as subjects for everything life (washing machines, refrigerators, beds, mattresses, blankets, tables and chairs, containers for water), andessential items (personal care, long-life products, tobacco products, matches, baby food).