The Coast Guard - a pledge of security of territorial waters

Coast Guard - the only state military unit, which is designed not only to ensure the safety of the territorial waters of the State, but also to help the vessels that are in distress.Also in their duty to fight against the smugglers, terrorists and poachers, protection of fishing vessels.The Coast Guard has been even weather forecasting marine expanses of the state.This service was created gradually, mainly in areas with access to the sea.

function Coast Guard

Earlier, in Soviet times, the function of the Coast Guard was to let no one and do not travel abroad of the USSR.Now - it is protecting the interests of his state on the border areas of water, as well as providing fishing activities in the framework of the laws of the country.The Coast Guard must protect the national interests of the state.Its structure includes guard and patrol vessels (ships and small boats), whose duties consist in the performance of duty, not only at sea but also in rivers, lakes and other water bodies.Now the possibility of Coast Guard upgraded practiced even surveillance from space.

Coast Guard FSB

Russian Coast Guard was formed to secure the national interests of their country, the protection of the state border.Obeys Bohr PS FSB of Russia (Coast Guard Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation), the Department of the Coast Guard.The current commander is Admiral Yuriy S. Alekseyev.It consists of only modern vessels - boundary ships and boats.In addition, employees are at the disposal of relatively small water craft: escort ships, small boats and even boats (there are more than 500 units).In addition to ships that are deployed directly, there are still in reserve, or those that are currently in need of repair.The people who serve in the Coast Guard, continuously trained, as ships are constantly being improved, and the laws - are changing.Employees do not have to have a military education.Here we need and environmentalists, lawyers, and doctors, and many other experts who will assist in the implementation of the legal movement of cargo and people across the border.

Offshore exploration in the Coast Guard

great importance in the Coast Guard and Naval Intelligence has, since she is the one of the most important types of combat support with the necessary information.Exploration is needed to prevent smuggling into the territory of Russia of drugs, weapons, continuous monitoring of the process of fishing (anti-poaching).In addition, employees are able to for a long time to conduct patrolling the territory entrusted to them, while remaining undetected.The objective of maritime surveillance is not only a search and surveillance, but the ambush and raid.Thus, the Coast Guard, Russia is one of the most important military units to ensure the safety of their country.