Comfortable Airbus A380

Air transport has long become commonplace.It is hard to imagine everyday life without airports and airplanes.And when the general public, it was announced that the line goes out the new Airbus A380, the news was met with interest.It's no secret that among the leading aircraft manufacturer conducted a tough competition.And every person who somehow involved in civil aviation, it was interesting to see and appreciate the new airship.Experts evaluated the technical specifications, and the passengers - the quality of service and comfort of the flight.

Since more than eight years have passed, and the liner A380, which is a photo flashed on the pages of glossy magazines began to carry out regular flights on long-haul routes.The maximum flight distance of more than fifteen thousand kilometers.Since the accepted terminology planes are described as naval vessels, it is important to stress that the Airbus A380 is the world's first double-decker aircraft.He is able to take on board more than eight hundred passengers.This is the case when the cabin is equipped under the economy class.However, most passenger seats divided into three categories, depending on the level of comfort and service.With such a configuration is sent flying 526 passengers.

Cabin made taking into account the needs of today's passengers.If you compare it with the solutions that are implemented in the other courts, it should be noted that the Airbus A380 passengers provided more space for luggage and personal items.Walkways and stairs are more spacious and seats - are wide and comfortable.Air conditioning in the cabin provides its renewal every three minutes.Importantly, the noise level in comparison with analogues below fifty percent.All these parameters demonstrate the desire of developers to provide a comfortable environment for people to trip.

In the process of aircraft designers had to deal with a large range of issues related to infrastructure, which provides the conditions for transport.Even the major airports are designed and intended for maintenance of a certain class of aircraft.It is one thing - when you need to register and to accompany the landing, two hundred people.Quite a different amount of work has to be performed in the event that more than five hundred passengers.As already mentioned, the Airbus A380 is able to take on board more than eight hundred people.For all who want to make a flight necessary to ensure a place in the waiting room and deliver them to the plane.

natural to assume that in such specifications Airbus A380 fell under the scope of agencies, which record various types of records.According to the results of numerous tests, measurements and tests of the aircraft is recognized as the most economical in the world.To carry one passenger over a distance of one hundred kilometers of the liner takes three liters of aviation fuel.It is about twenty percent lower than the nearest competitor.It follows from the first and second indicator - Airbus recognized as the most environmentally friendly aircraft in its class.