Aydar name: value, origin, characteristics

is believed that the name of the person is able to determine its destiny, the value has everything: the origin, pronunciation, sounds, and even how many syllables in it.There are many beautiful and rare names that we know virtually nothing, including the name Aidar.Value, origin and its influence on the character of its owner look at in this article.

name Aidar: origin

There are several versions where the name Aydar, the value of which is not as confusing as its origin.According to one of them, the name Turkic roots and translates it as "the moon", "moon."Another translation - "decent."There is a version that the name comes from Bulgaria, according to which Aidar in ancient times was called forelock on his shaved head - a tuft of hair that is not cut at men since their birth.Such forelock were Zaporozhye Cossacks, them he had a name Oseledets.

What is the name Aidar: psychological characteristic

As a child, the boy is very hardworking, assiduous and obstinate, is able to achieve the desired, so the school has usually fine.Is able to defend their opinion, what is the respect of their peers and teachers.Aidar has the leadership qualities, so it is a great success among classmates.He loves to socialize and make new acquaintances, he has many friends, whom he cherishes.It has a wonderful sense of humor, but if it is angry, then it is very difficult to cope with their emotions.So he tries to avoid conflicts around to find a compromise.

name Aidar: The value in professional activities

Thanks to the hard work and responsible attitude, a man with the same name will be a great employee in any organization.Before making any decision, carefully assessing the situation, setting priorities.He is not inclined to make hasty actions.These qualities helped him in making the right decisions and succeed.It occupies a significant position that person better in adulthood, when his shoulders have enough experience and knowledge.

name Aidar: importance in the relations

This man is by nature a romantic, he knows how to take care of the beautiful girl and achieve its location, to attract her attention even ready to crazy things.This man may frequently change their partners, but, despite his apparent fickleness, he is ready for a serious relationship and a family.He can take the vows only with the woman, which is sure a hundred percent.His choice could become fragile and innocent girl, he will protect and defend.Aydar can also attract confident and strong-willed woman who can support and take all his undertakings.Strong alliance is possible with Tatiana, Alexandra, Elizabeth and Barbara.

What is the name of Aydar in astrology?

believed that the zodiac sign that is suitable for this name - Sagittarius and Pisces.Planet, which protects Aydar is Neptune, and his element - water.The color brings good luck name - emerald and aquamarine.The most auspicious days for Aydar - this Thursday and Friday.As a talisman it will approach these stones like aquamarine and topaz.Plants, corresponding to this name are saffron, grapes, roses, poppies.Animal mascot: dolphin, whale, seagull albatross.