The meaning of "eye in the triangle '

occult symbol "Eye in the triangle" (or "All-seeing eye" or "shining delta") is a symbol of God.The origin of his, he is from ancient times.Perhaps in this way the tradition of portraying the deity has its roots in ancient Egypt.In this state often use religious sign "falcon eye of Horus."In ancient India, there was a similar character - "the third eye of Shiva".

Triangle is also considered a magical sign for a long time.In the early Christian era it as a symbol of the Trinity used the Gnostics.First entered the eye in the triangle of the philosophers of the Renaissance.Since then, he has become a symbol of God the Father.In the western Christian iconography eye in the triangle it is not uncommon.Since the XVII century, and it appears on our Orthodox icons.Especially popular was to portray him in the XVIII-XIX centuries.During this period, it is often used in the design of both places of worship and objects, as well as secular.

However, most of the eye in the triangle mark is not primarily as a pagan or a Christian symbol, but as the main symbol of the Masonic Lodge.This organization emerged in the XVI century from the offender and excommunicated Knights Templar.It includes extremely wealthy and influential members of society.Lodge this secret, the purpose of its creation are vague, and therefore around a lot of rumors and legends.

believed, for example, that this organization for several centuries in a row pursues a policy to establish their own world domination.Allegedly, in this society, a special program, points that were both world wars and other similar global events on the planet.According to another version, the Masons who have chosen as its symbol the eye in the triangle, want, together, just change the world for the better.

Since the lodge can only enter the influential or wealthy people, its members consider themselves to be a kind of collection of the best representatives of the world.But such individuals are obliged to try to influence the development of the world and make other people think in new ways.Of course, in a few years it is impossible to re-educate humanity.It should be replaced by several generations before the new Freemasons embedded value will become the norm.To expedite this process, members of the secret organization and have developed special characters, specifically affecting the mind, the subconscious and the power of the person.One of them - the eye in a triangle.

How all this is true, it is not known, of course, no.The true purpose of the organization remains a mystery.However, some modern magicians think symbols, developed by the company, including the sign of the "eye in the triangle," a few hazardous energy.They see them as a source of a special program, brainwash people.According to modern psychics, these characters are able to make each person at a time to take any action necessary bed.

addition sign "All-Seeing Eye", meaning a pyramid structure of the organization, the Masons also use other symbols.The hammer symbolized the power of the lodge.Compass and square - a possible reorganization of the world.Trowel - cleaning person.Unpolished stone in Masonic symbolism - the individual is not affected by the Masonic purification and treatment.Cube - the man passed her, or "perfect microcosm."It applies also a huge number of other characters.However

characters still remain symbols.In fact, this is nothing more than a picture, though perhaps saturated and energy of so many people who believe in them for centuries.In any event, the target of the Masonic Lodge, which has existed in our time, let them remain on the conscience of Freemasons.We hope that our readers now have an idea of ​​what it means eye in the triangle.