How to choose a water meter?

Today during the regular crises, most people are trying to save, including for utilities.The most rapid and effective way is to install the meter.This case should be approached responsibly, so how to choose the device will greatly reduce the cost of the family budget to pay for public services, and the acquisition will be unsuccessful reckless waste of money.How to choose a water meter?This will be discussed further.

How to choose a water meter: professional advice

modern market offers a huge range of devices.In order not to get confused and choose a quality, reliable device, you must at least superficially to know what are water meters.Devices are divided into single-jet and multi-jet, depending on how the device divides the water flow which strikes the impeller.Multi counter is exact, effective, has a more complex structure and, accordingly, great value.The price is less than the single-compared to him, and the accuracy of the device below.The accuracy or lower cost - the choice of the buyer shall, depending on the wishes and requirements.

Water meters: specifications

Especially popular are mechanical meters that are vane and turbine.The first kind of skips per hour up to 15 cubic meters of water, the second has a much higher throughput performance.Here you need to make a choice based on your needs, namely on the meter will be installed in a house or in a large office.

Also, the market represented a huge range of ultrasonic, electromagnetic and vortex devices.Today, water meters have different characteristics.These devices are distinguished by sophisticated design, high accuracy of the data and expensive service.Therefore devices are in demand and are set mainly at the enterprises and factories.

considered the main technical characteristics of the water meter, it is necessary to calculate the average water consumption of the family.In small apartments with a small amount of people staying (3-4) mounted devices with the water flow and a half cubic meters per hour, and in private homes, which often accounted for watering, you need the device at a rate of 2.5.

How to choose a quality water meter?

Some vendors emphasize the potential buyer for the manufacturing of water meters.It is believed that the Austrian and German devices are the highest quality, reliability and durability.The service life, as well as a guarantee for foreign devices on average, more than 2-3 years.In most cases, the German and Austrian devices made for us, by the appropriate licenses.Therefore, significant differences between domestic and imported instruments do not.

Through the purchase, the buyer has to obtain a passport, which indicated information about the device, its year of manufacture and the technical characteristics of the counter.You should also pay attention to the fact that the device was made in the State Register of measuring equipment.The counter is equipped with a special filter that deep cleaning, reverse and shut-off valves.Be sure to be on the manufacturer's warranty on water meters.

important point in choosing the measurement technique is the "freshness" of the instrument, as the counter must be installed within six months from the date of manufacture.Therefore, "last year's" devices will be cheaper, but the accuracy and quality of these devices will be "pohramyvat."

Knowing some of the nuances, even an inexperienced buyer can really make a correct choice, with which he will be able to save a lot of money.I do not know how many there are water meters?Price (from 400 rubles.) Will surprise everyone, besides the unit pays for itself in just a few months.

Vodokanal sealed with the device within a month after its installation.You also can not forget about the registration of the device in the respective organization.

Installation MF etchika

After solving the sensitive issue of how to choose the water meters need to be addressed further, namely, to whom to entrust the installation of the device.Installation must be not "jack of all trades" from next door, and professionals.
It is only a specialized company with a license to carry out these works, will be able to quickly and accurately set the counter.

installation depends on the quality of the service life, reliability and efficiency of the device.It is also desirable to know whether the organization provides after-sales service.When installing a contract for the installation of water meters.Then draw up a statement of work performed, after which the counter register, put on the account.

Before installing the meter, the user must prepare the site for installation of the device.What is important is free access to the unit and the lack of water.


  • water meters to be installed after completion of all construction and repair work to prepare the site for installation.
  • devices mounted calculating device upwards.
  • direction of fluid flow must match the direction of the arrow.

After installing the device in the presence of the owner taken into operation.In the act of receiving the transmission indicates that the meter is properly installed in accordance with all standards and regulations.After placing all the documents sealed device.

Checking device

once every three years on the counter need to pass the test.Within a few weeks, "Vodokanal" or spend public service standards test.At this time, the user pays for water by conventional standards.

All users who installed water meters, argue that the devices pay for themselves in about four months.The rest of the time people just to save money by paying only the cubic meter, which actually used, rather than those that simply listed by the State.Besides savings user sees every day on the bulletin board.

meters on hot and cold water is really significant cost savings from the family budget.If a potential buyer is not familiar with the real possibility to save, it can calculate how much water is consumed per month and how much to pay.Calculations will surprise everyone and convince a reasonable solution, namely to install such a device.Some simple advice of professionals provide valuable information on how to choose a water meters and how to make a successful purchase.