9 months: Emotions and pregnancy

What are 9 months?The joy of motherhood, hope, dreams of the future, or anxiety, fear and doubt?Throughout pregnancy, a woman has mixed feelings.

waiting baby - a joyous time in the life of every woman.At first glance, it should cause only pleasant emotions, but this is unfortunately not always the case.Most pregnant women know the state when suddenly appear tears in the eyes or on the contrary, at the right time does not suddenly want to laugh without any reason.

during pregnancy may appear extraordinary sensitivity and vulnerability, tearfulness and increased resentment.Frequent change of mood, heightened emotionality, irritability - symptoms with which the parents seek the help of psychologists.Let's look at the causes of the changes in the mood of the pregnant woman.

Psychological preparation

First of all, pay attention to your psychological state before pregnancy.Let me explain why: the central nervous system affects the endocrine, which is responsible for the production of hormones necessary for pregnancy and childbearing.Most modern women before pregnancy are a very active lifestyle, long and hard work, a lot of time on the computer, small otdyhayut often do not get enough sleep.All this leads to great stress on the nervous system, which in turn may lead to hormonal and psychological problems.

Doctors believe that a woman who is about to become a mother, at least for 3-6 months before pregnancy should be possible to reduce the psychological burden on your body.We must devote more time to proper rest, be sure to get enough sleep (at least 8 hours per day).In addition to all this, you can not create a stressful situation for the organism (actively lose weight rapidly begin intensive sports, etc.).

difficulties adapting

Continuous change of mood during pregnancy is often associated with a variety of hormonal changes in a pregnant woman.Most often it is significantly in the first months of pregnancy.After all, your body needs to adapt to change.A woman can feel the fatigue, drowsiness, irritability.

especially susceptible to these conditions, those who "not bypassed" toxicosis.Sudden attacks of nausea, dizziness, fatigue, physical ailments do not add to the good mood.There is a feeling of helplessness, irritability, anxiety, a sense of incomprehension on the part of others.

important to understand that this condition naturally.Of course, this does not become easier, but you will understand that it is not alone - all pregnant women are "emotional storms".

In the first months of pregnancy a woman's place is not only physiological, but also psychological changes: is gradually getting used to the role of the mother.At this point, a woman may feel that others do not understand it, not enough consideration for her new state.


In early pregnancy seemed to me that my husband is not interested in my condition, and does not understand how I'm lonely right now.I wanted to cry for insult, to shout the house down.My husband did not understand what was happening to me, and I did not know how to handle this ...

gestation period can give a new spark in family relationships, and can, on the contrary, give rise to a complete misunderstanding.That's when a woman more important than ever to get support from a loved one.But it is necessary to understand that the man at the moment difficult to understand your condition.As a rule, he has no idea of ​​how to develop the kid, and the changes taking place inside your body.Do not worry and do not reproach him for insensitivity, give yourself time to realize "pregnant dad."Gently enlighten him.Talk to him about the changes taking place with you (both physical and mental).Another possible reason is related to the experiences of the woman.

says Anna:

It was my first pregnancy.The child was very welcome.But I did not let the first months of the thought: "How will further shape my life?What will happen to my career, which is just beginning to take shape?Will I be a good mother to her baby?

Such questions can cause feelings of anger, uncertainty, fatigue.It takes time to understand and accept their new condition.In mid-pregnancy emotional excitability it is much rarer than in the first trimester.Minor physical ailments gone, toxemia retreated, the time to enjoy your new sensations.It was at this time the majority of pregnant women experience a creative and physical growth.Tranquility, serenity, calmness characterize this period of pregnancy.

At this time changes your figure, belly becomes noticeable to others.Someone really waiting for this moment, someone is worrying about their increasing size.This concern is understandable, because every woman wants to be beautiful.

At the same time may have fears about the health and development of the unborn baby.They suffer in one way or another everything a pregnant woman.At the core of these fears, as a rule, are stories of "good" girl-friends or relatives or friends of the sad experience.Against the background of these fears arise tearfulness, irritability, and sometimes even depression.

In the latter, the third trimester of pregnancy, your emotions may again prove to be "on high".The reason - fatigue, plus the upcoming birth.More often than before, can manifest anxiety associated with childbirth.Increased anxiety during this period is found in almost all pregnant women.

It is important that you be prepared to leave and to meet with the baby.Of course, very well, if you had special training.For successful delivery and postpartum recovery is very important preliminary psychological preparation of women during pregnancy.It gives not only knowledge, but also confidence in the success of his new role - the role of the mother.The main goal of psychological preparation pregnant is just the solution to all the problems that plague expectant mother enjoy the state of pregnancy.

But if you did not attend such classes, it does not matter.The main thing - your attitude to the meeting, the desire to see the child, to help him to be born.As a rule, the most immediately before birth anxiety passes.

During this period, many pregnant women there is a so-called "narrowing of interest."All that is not associated with pregnancy or with baby, practically causes no interest.Relatives need to know this and not surprised that talk about the future or about the holiday buying new equipment does not cause any emotion, but talk about the benefits or harm of diapers, on the other hand, is infinitely long.With this increased activity aimed at preparing for childbirth and motherhood.Buying clothes for crumbs, the choice of hospital, the choice of assistants who will come after childbirth preparation apartments ... That is why this period is sometimes called "the period of arrangement nest."

How to beat a bad mood?

- During this period, it is important that you had an opportunity to rest during the day.It is no accident in Japan given maternity leave in the first months of pregnancy, as they are considered to be the most difficult for a woman.It is important to understand that the change of mood - a natural part of pregnancy.The main thing - do not let the bad mood become the foundation of your day.And then it is sure to take place.

- Keep a sense of humor - it will always help you to deal with a bad mood.

- Start learning relaxation techniques.This can be auto-training, swimming.If there are no medical contraindications, very effective relaxing massage or foot, which can make your spouse.

- How can you spend more time outdoors.Useful dosage will exercise.

- Try to do everything possible to cheer up: Meet you nice people, get enthrall you business.Look beautiful side of life and enjoy them.

- Do not be afraid to give vent to their emotions.If tears, "do not let go," you do not worry - cry to your health.

- Home - Do not drive offense, dark thoughts in the depths of the soul.It has long been in Russia advised the pregnant woman cry, complain to someone, not to conceal the offense.But relatives of the pregnant woman was supposed to protect her from any trouble, it was not allowed to criticize or to arrange a quarrel with her.

- Try to be patient and "wait out" this time, because in front of communication with the child - the happiest moments in the life of every woman.Remember: a bad mood is not eternal, it will soon pass.

- Remember that your physician is closely monitoring the development of the child.If, in spite of everything, you do not let a sense of alarm, notify the doctor, let him tell you in more detail about your baby.Talk with other new and expectant mothers have taken place - and you will realize that your fears are unfounded.

- Be sure to remind yourself that your baby is important for developing your positive attitude.Try less to worry about nothing, to maintain a positive emotion.To do this, you can listen to soothing music, to communicate more with nature.

- A great way to get rid of anxiety before birth - is preparing for them.Repeat relaxation techniques, breathing exercises.Prepare a dowry for the baby.In other words, engage in concrete actions.

Remember: anxiety and slight fear of childbirth - natural.Try not to focus on the fact that you're tired, you want to quickly give birth, etc.

a dangerous line

Anxiety is not so dangerous if it is not a permanent bad mood, obsessive, painful feelings or insomnia.For most pregnant women anxiety - this is a temporary condition that they can overcome their own or with the help of their relatives.

If you see at a constant depressed mood, which is also accompanied by insomnia, loss or reduction of appetite, physical weakness, sadness, apathy, hopelessness - it is already the signs of depression.Depression is not a harmless condition - it is a disease.Prolonged depression definitely needs treatment.In women, the appearance of depression may be related to hormonal changes in the body.These are conditioned and emotional changes, i.e.mood changes and feelings.

In medicine, there are concepts such as "premenstrual syndrome", "postpartum depression."If the first almost does not require medical supervision, the post-partum depression is almost always require medical attention.Therefore, we must remember that in those cases when you can not cope with anxiety or fear, if bad thoughts do not leave you, day or night, do not hesitate to seek qualified help.In all cases, the emotional instability of his conduct can and should work.A bad mood may win activity, creativity.In very complicated cases come to the aid of a psychologist, but first of all you need to support your loved ones.

important to realize that anxiety is an emotional woman who awaits the birth of a child is quite natural, but excessive anxiety is harmful becausewith you and the kid is going through.Stormy emotional reaction does not harm the child, but also experiences no reason not profit.The most frequent causes of anxiety or fear of a future mother, is a lack of knowledge about how pregnancy occurs, what happens during childbirth.But all this is easy to handle.Ask questions of your doctor and a psychologist, read special literature, talk to women who have already given birth.

Learn to relax and calm down.Switch your focus from any disturbing thoughts - it will get positive emotions.We have to learn not to react to troubles and enjoy life.Pregnancy - a time when you can not afford not to respond to the small problems of life.The main thing - it is your desire to be happy and enjoy these unique, beautiful nine months of waiting your baby.

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