Shields Hockey - element of security for the sportsman

Hockey is a rather dangerous sport, so the security features each hockey should come first.These include: helmet, hockey pads, pants, elbow pads, bib.All of them are carefully protect the athlete from the effects of contact fighting.

protection for shin and knee hockey

Shields Hockey protect the knees, shins and calves from the puck, or skate.If we take into account the protection of the knee, it is divided into two main parts.The first - a cup, and the second panel.Last skintight shin.You can see and secondary elements.These include lining and straps.Installation is intended for depreciation.The high-quality flaps it is made of breathable fabric.It helps not to collect moisture inside, and display it outside.Straps act as a regulator.This item allows you to adjust the size of the plate under his order not to inconvenience the hockey player in the game.One should not forget about the back of the legs.It must also be protected as much as possible, because it is recommended to purchase only those shields hockey, which have side protectors.They completely encircle and protect the caviar of the muscle.

Types elbow pad

Shields are divided into two types: wide and narrow.In broad shields much more inner radius of the bottom.They are more massive and snare athlete.They are preferred by those players who have a language skate under the flap.This factor suggests that they perform better protection.A narrow plates - the exact opposite of the past mean.They have a small radius.Therefore they hardly shackle movement in a game.Thanks to them, the player is protected, but it can easily perform a variety of maneuvers, demonstrating excellent technique without any obstructions.If we compare these two species, the narrow ridge located under the tongue.In contrast to the broad, they do not completely cover the ankle.It's hard to say which of these types of guard better.It all depends on your playing style.If you want to show high grade, the shields must be worn tight, that they do not hinder maneuverability.But then you have to be careful in collisions.If safety comes first, then you need to apply the broad shields.It should be noted that today this problem is solved, it has produced a model of narrow boards, which are the protective characteristics does not concede wide.

Shields Hockey - advice before purchasing

Before purchasing boards need to determine the model.If they are ordered over the Internet, it is important to know the size of elbow pad.This is to ensure that they completely encircle the leg during the game and not fall.If the size is perfect, then latched boards will have no problems.In order to do during the game to distract and not hurt, you need to pay attention to the quality of attachment.Absolutely all the manufacturers this product is used in the form of clips or Velcro straps.Belts must be made of flexible materials.Despite the high quality fasteners eventually become less effective, so many players use small tricks.They can fix their hockey pads using adhesive tape or rubber bands.To pick up a shield, you need to decide the intensity with which they are used.This refers to the level of the game: exercise, a friendly match, a serious competition, or simply to drive the puck in the yard.Also an important factor is the role of the hockey player.Require special attention hockey goalie pads.

dashboards for the goalkeeper

Hockey goalie pads should ensure the full protection of the leg and knee.There should be no non-private space.This is due to the fact that the goalkeeper - the only player who most often takes the brunt of the puck.Due to the fact that he was not particularly need to do any heavy traffic, when compared with the striker, the hockey goalie pads considerably bulkier and heavier.They should be fully withstand all the blows and not to cause damage to a player.