Mama said that you can not trust a man ... How to cope with stereotypes?

Fortunately, it is now less educated girls in prim and petty-bourgeois traditions.However, there are families where mothers and grandmothers vying assert that man can not be trusted in anything, that anyone who wants to get acquainted with a young lady, looking just light entertainment.Is this true and how dangerous such stereotypes concerning gender relations?

Of course, the time is now difficult, dangerous, turbulent.Increasingly, a person has to make their own choices, to take responsibility for the actions committed.No Institute of courtship, when her spouse is checked before the tenth generation, and only then graciously allowed to ask for the hand girl from a good home.Serious about the ladies seemed to be was to be an indicator of the reliability of marriage and the future spouse.But now we laugh at many of the stereotypes.After all, they depend largely on our negative experiences, or - even worse - by prejudice, vdolblennye head of the older generation.People brought up in a system of total

control and suspicion, sure, first, that we can not trust the man, and secondly (this applies to potential in-law) that all girls just looking in a purse or in the pocket of the future bridegroom.

live in an atmosphere of suspicion and fear can be, but what kind of life?If a young girl from his childhood hammered into his head that the man can not be trusted in anything, then it will be able to see in person a potential partner?Will understand and assess his needs, his feelings, his positive qualities?Or will it be treated as an enemy, with suspicion, and only waiting for the slightest slip?

According to modern psychologists and family therapists, there is nothing that you can not trust the man.On the contrary, any measures aimed at the preservation of the family or the Union, involve primarily the openness and sincerity.Not trusting the other person, the closest we deprive ourselves of the most important - of the heart of communication with him.Stereotypes in marriage can only exacerbate the problems.In fact, practically there is nothing that you can not trust the man.Loving man and baby perepelenaet and cook dinner, and the family will provide.Families in which the role has long been rigidly divided, wondering how a young husband can learn to serve themselves and - if necessary - his wife and child.After all, none of us is immune from illness, temporary disability, life disasters.

If we start from the principle that nobody can be trusted, then we will never be able to build a harmonious relationship with another person.Think about it: how would you feel if you were around perceived only as a source of problems, or a dangerous person?However, the uncomfortable situation?Prejudices regarding the gender roles - such as the fact that you can not trust a man that all women are frivolous and are looking for rich husbands that women should stay at home and raise children, and the partner will earn a living - only complicate our relationship.The first step on the path to harmony in a marriage are just sincerity and warmth.They are impossible without this - full - trust.