Skin irritation armpits, bikini shaving: What should I do?

skin irritation after shaving is a natural reaction of the skin to the razor.Most of all exposed skin irritation underarm area and bikini.This problem women prefer hair removal razor, no stranger.What to do to avoid or prevent this unpleasant phenomenon?

How to prevent irritation?

Following some basic rules will help to cope with irritation after shaving:

- to use only its own machine or with a razor;

- Use only a clean machine, disposable razor must be new - the sharpness of the blade directly affects the appearance of discomfort and irritation;

- while shaving do not use soap, and to use intended for this cosmetic - they prevent not only the itching and irritation, but the eruption of small pimples, ingrown hairs;

- you can spend a Brazilian hair removal procedure that will solve the issue of shaving for a month;

- undesirable immediately after shaving to put deodorant on the skin;

- shaving the hair to carry out exclusively in the direction of their growth.

How to get rid of the irritation after shaving?

The easiest way - is it possible not to carry out the removal of hair on a daily basis.You can also carry out the procedure of sugar hair removal, or use an electric shaver.However, the skin should be thoroughly steam out and cleaned with scrub.

To prevent small pimples after the procedure, the place where the hair is removed, should be treated with aloe.There are cosmetic products, which is present in the composition of aloe, intended to be used after shaving.

If we draw dry hair removal treatments, it may appear after the itching.To stop the itch, you must first cool the skin and then apply lotion or cream.

cope with irritation after shaving bikini area following proven ways to help:

1. Wear underwear exclusively of cotton or other natural fabrics;

2. To use only reusable shaving razor;

3. After epilation you can apply a special ointment based on hormones, but before applying it is important to read the instructions or consult a dermatologist as the frequent use of such agents is contraindicated;

4. Substantially reduces inflammation zinc ointment;

5. Before and after the treatment process of hair removal hair removal zone 70% alcohol solution or hydrogen peroxide - this will help to disinfect the skin, narrow pores;

6. You can apply baby powder, or anti-inflammatory cream.

Folk ways, helps with skin irritation after shaving

When dry method of hair removal on the skin a feeling of tightness and itching.In this case, it will be able to get rid of the irritation decoction of mint and chamomile - herbs taken in equal amounts, pour water and cook on low heat.After that, the broth should insist in a dark place and cool.Broth put a sponge on the irritated areas of the dermis.This tool is very helpful when annoyance underarm area.

From the emergence of small pimples help lotions from chamomile.The solution is simmered two tablespoons of herbs in a glass of water.Prepare the broth should be well wet gauze or a bandage, then attach to the irritated area of ​​the skin.Keep you must compress to the disappearance of unpleasant sensations.

Get rid of ingrown hairs can be with a sterile needle.Before hair removal neatly displayed on the surface of the needle.

caution when shaving and the further care for delicate areas to help get rid of unpleasant sensations in the form of skin irritation.

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