Where to go in the winter, or on New Year Where the heat?

Many people simply can not tolerate the winter cold, which brings them unbearable boredom instead of feeling the holiday.Therefore, immediately it becomes relevant the question of where the New Year warmth.It is much nicer to celebrate this holiday on the beach surrounded by friends and unusual vegetation vibrant than in the quiet apartment when the blizzard raging outside.

New Year in Thailand

Perhaps one of the most popular destinations for tourists from the CIS countries is Thailand.It's an amazing exotic country that beckons all with its unusual traditions and lots of fun.Any holidays here - it's an indescribable joy, which you are sure to remember for a lifetime.When in Thailand on New Year there is no snow, the Santa Claus and festive tree you exactly will be provided.As, in principle, and excellent service.Visiting any city in this country, you will be able to understand exactly where on New Year's warmth and atmosphere of mindless fun.Crazy festive feast, bright lights and warm sea with beach parties - this is not all that awaits the tourist.

Safari New Year

For fans of extreme sports have a special offer - a New Year in Kenya.Safari is a tour of the national parks, lots of fun and the sea of ​​positive emotions - here you can go for new experiences, you will have the opportunity to see wildlife and unspoiled feel a little a part of it.Beautiful, clean beaches with white sand and warm ocean - it is the place where on New Year's heat.Moreover, January is considered the ideal place to visit national parks and nature reserves in Africa.And this is a great opportunity to watch the hunting lion or a tiger, watch the habits of the rhinoceros, elephant or the buffalo.

Many tourists fell in the lake Nakuru, where you can watch the biggest pink flamingo population.But these birds are not the only attraction of this place, because here still live black and white rhinos, cheetahs, lions, giraffes and many other representatives of the amazing wildlife.

real discovery for tourists will be in a balloon safari.What could be better than to celebrate New Year in the air, watching the first sunrise?

New Year on the beaches of Kenya

Beaches in Africa - this is the place where the heat for the New Year.Gradually, this resort is becoming more and more known to tourists not only from Europe but also from the CIS countries.Wilderness, national parks and icy slopes of volcanoes, wild beach parties - you will not be bored while you are it does not check.In any case, Africa is considered to be a unique and rather curious country, so you'll get from the rest of positive emotions and memories.The sea is rich in rare species of reef fish as well as sharks and rays.Here you can go diving with a trained instructor and to get acquainted with the underwater world closer.Experienced divers can go on an unforgettable trip to the Seychelles or to Mozambique.

Cuba - this is the place where the heat on New Year

in Cuba can easily find not only a new year but also Christmas.It does not matter what religion you practice - Catholicism or Orthodoxy - a place for the celebration you will still find and quite decent.Christmas spirit you will feel everywhere at the same time you have the opportunity to visit a variety of Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches, and a synagogue.Cuba - this is the place where on New Year's heat, and to support the holiday spirit, you can visit the statue of Christ of Havana height of approximately 18 meters.