Technical Museum (Tolyatti): description, operation and address

Tolyatti VAZ Technical Museum is one of the main attractions of the city.It was founded in 1998 on the initiative of CGSakharov, who at that time was the Vice President of "AvtoVAZ".Later, after the death of the founding father, the museum was renamed in his honor.


on an area of ​​38 hectares in found their refuge, many "veterans" of the past centuries.Some of them date back to the First World War, while others joined the ranks of artifacts recently.The main part of the museum is the open air, and contains more than 500 units of various high technology and more than 2,000 small.Technical Vasa Museum contains many examples of the old military and civilian vehicles.Planes, helicopters, tanks, armored trains, radar and farm equipment - everything is just a brief description of what is here.

All the exhibits in this museum are divided into groups.In one part of Togliatti Technical Museum presents visitors helicopters and planes, once the air spaces of the furrow.The other sites are missile launchers and artillery, which at one time one of its kind might make it capitulate entire villages, and now have to be burnt in the sun and collect raindrops.There is also a train and the train, which was traveling at normal people.Radar antenna, spacecraft and rovers, even - all of this can be found in this place.But a special place Togliatti Technical Museum pays just military technology.Indeed, having been in this park, to experience for yourself the echo of the war, looking at moth-time technique, it is impossible to remain indifferent.

Military equipment

mainly military-technical museum in Togliatti contains only Soviet equipment.But there are also foreign exhibits that are related to the Russian history.For example, cars "Studebaker", which were used in the filming of several Soviet films.In addition, a huge batch of these vehicles during the war set in the USSR.They were the first carriers of the complex "BM-13" and "BM-31", which are better known under the name of "Katyusha" and "Andrew", respectively.During the war, they played a huge role in the victory in breaking the German defense.

also in the park there are many examples of German, American and British tanks during the Second World War.For example, a German tank Panzer 38. By the way, the tank is not quite German - he has Czech origins.Of course, the museum presents the majority of samples of Soviet tanks, such as T70, IS-3, T54-2, and even the legendary tank that brought victory to our troops in the war - T34.Some of the samples did have the opportunity to visit the war in the distant past.Of course, since then they have renovated and changed many times, but perhaps one of today forever frozen monuments could really go in the midst of the battle, and live up to our time.

special place Technical Museum (Tolyatti) allocated for artillery missile systems.At this stage the rest of the museum, such giants as RK "Topol" and multiple rocket launchers such as "Twister" and "Grad".Apart from these, it contains many other, less well-known tools of the time.


special place in the story should be paid to this jewel of a place - a real submarine which Technical Museum (Togliatti) acquired in 2002.Complete its name - "The diesel submarine B-307 Project 641B" Catfish ". It has a height of 12 meters and a length of more than 90. It was rebuilt in 1980 and has taken over the service in the ranks of the Navy after seven months. After serving 18 years longuntil 1998, after that the boat written off. During her service she had to visit the Atlantic, the Barents Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Norwegian Sea.

Preparing for her transportation from Kronstadt in Togliatti took the whole 4 years. With the boats removed all weapons and firmly its sealed. On special tugs her transported through many bodies of water - the Gulf of Finland, Ladoga, White and Onega lakes. And then she finally reached the Volga still several reservoirs, to specially rebuilt pier in the village of Primorsk. On the ground it was transported specifically revoked for thatparts of his military trucks.

The Technical Museum of AvtoVAZ this boat came just on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory.If its size is difficult to imagine how it looked on the ground transport.However, the fact that she really was carrying at the time combat duty as part of our fleet, gives this exhibit of particular importance.

addition to this submarine, there are numerous artillery, anti-aircraft guns, which were installed on ships.And besides all this, also represented the torpedo system and certain types of underwater mines.

Engineering machinery

Tolyatti VAZ Technical Museum contains another very interesting site that is set aside for all kinds of engineering machinery.Then there are machines for digging trenches, and various transporters (including "amphibian"), and equipment for mine clearance and analysis of blockages.

There is even a specific machine, the station ADS-50, which is intended for the production of liquid and gaseous nitrogen in the field.A variety of shapes and sizes of the local art just rolls over.Here there is a prototype robot STR-1, which is involved in the collection of highly active substances from the roof of the 4th unit of the Chernobyl NPP.It is said that in the museum, there is only a prototype, none of the various machines was not involved in the elimination of the Chernobyl accident, or any other man-made disaster - all the exhibits are absolutely safe.

Railway Engineering

One of the most interesting sites in this area is captured locomotive TE-4844.It has not changed since the German inventory numbers indicate that the steam locomotive was built at the Berlin plant.In addition to several other models of trains and locomotives, there battle wagons railway missile system.On the surface, they do not stand out, like the typical refrigerated wagons.The train was about ten cars, three of which were armed with rockets RT-23, which could be issued directly from the train.The hallmark of "armed" is to double the number of cars wheelsets - conventional cars four wheel pairs, with missiles - eight.

Space technology

Technical Vasa Museum offers visitors the opportunity to see not only the "earth" technique.It also is present site dedicated to all kinds of spacecraft and the lunar rover.Most of the exhibits were invented Institute "Transmash" and took all kinds of tests.Many of the ideas offered by the Institute, later were used in the development of modern luno- and rovers.Of course, if you look at all of this technique now, it will look pretty primitive.However, modern cars that are designed for a variety of space problems could not occur without these studies their "ancestors".

Technical Museum Togliatti: operation

The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00.Tours are only for groups of 12 people or only under appointment.Additional services include the possibility of taking a photo or video shooting - 40 and 60 rubles respectively.An adult ticket will cost 60 rubles without a guide, and 80 rubles from him.For schoolchildren, students, the disabled or the military - 30 or 40 rubles.


Tolyatti Tech Museum offers the opportunity to enjoy not only the equipment and weapons of the past times, but also a variety of cameras, printing and sewing machines, all kinds of gramophone, gramophones, and many others.Basically it's all brought to the museum of the city residents themselves.In addition, the museum hosts a variety of festivals and historical reconstructions.The vast territory covered with all kinds of appliances, festivals, reconstruction and interesting excursions make the museum a great place where you can relax and useful to spend your leisure.