Famine in Africa

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hunger ... What associations in the pronunciation of the word you're having?An empty fridge or a skinny wallet?Believe me, for millions of people around the world is not just a vague concept, meaning only mutter stomach, and cruel and evil beast, from which the canines are constantly dying people.

Anyway, hunger in Africa, recently acquired a truly huge scale, have claimed the lives of many thousands of people.Why is that, because the court is relatively enlightened 21st century?

main reason is the absence of what might have been called a state, albeit with some reservations.Those structures that now exist in the poorest and most troubled African regions, the definition of the State do not fall in any way.Their main activity consists in trying to sit on the throne of the next president, who is unlikely to last long in his post even a couple of months.Of course, almost all the humanitarian aid that is sent to these countries, and settles in the pockets of "powers."And because the famine in Africa is basically a social background, superimposed on the overall specificity of the region.

Due to lack of proper infrastructure, local residents sometimes have to leave their children to die, going to the next ("just something" 100-150 km) settlements for the most essential medicines and food concentrates.Many of them did not have time to help kids who are dying of starvation.

However, this does not happen everywhere.For example, in Uganda severe situation, but to some extent controlled by the government.Local populations are sufficiently provided with food, but because the famine in Africa of 2011 it is practically not affected.

However, not only infantile authorities contributes to worsening the situation.When large areas of land population could provide themselves with food, but the persistent drought and rapid degradation of soil resources reduces all attempts at farming there.Because hunger in Africa remains a constant companion of millions of people.

Unfortunately, the economy of all African countries are not able to prevent the effects of drought.However, experts have repeatedly noted that the joint efforts of a number of countries in the region famine in Africa could be defeated.However, given the increasing Islamization of the population, "Arab riots" and the overall instability of the world economy, hope it is not necessary.None of the developed countries are not interested in investing in the likeness of the local economy, and the UN and the Red Cross alone will not achieve much.

scientists, responding to a question about why the famine in Africa, complain and to deceive society geneticists offering genetically enhanced crops that can be grown on poor, even saline soils.This happens not because of the ostentatious care for the health of man, and because of the banal greed.After all, much more profitable to sell to the starving regions of products grown in Europe and America.