These different psycho man

We all strive to understand themselves and transform others.This is common to us since childhood, and yet it's a waste of time.We just need to know that there are psycho man, and then define your terms with him.This is not correct.Knowing your interlocutor psycho, you can easily adjust to his style of communication, and to accept it for what it is.

What they are

So psycho man are of four kinds.They are familiar to many: choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic and sanguine.It is laid from birth to age almost impossible to change.One can understand themselves and take their environment, but the temperament will not change.Choleric can learn to hide emotions, but choleric can not stop.Now try to find yourself in the following descriptions.

you choleric, if ...

you are not afraid to show their emotions, you often change the mood.You are hard and fast moving, talking loudly.Missing for a new business, but soon quit it.Rapidly depleting, wasting energy on trifles.You do not suffer monotony, you can quickly get bored any case.First of all you appreciate talking to people, although many consider you familiar unbalanced personality, however strong and powerful.

You sanguine if ...

You are full of vitality and energy, nice to talk to you all around.Your emotions are very bright and strong, but do not carry negative.Inside you there is harmony and tranquility.You - a broad-hearted man, any trouble going through easily and quickly forget the insults.He worked with passion, a long time, trying to do everything at once.Do you often change the type of activity, you have a good mood prevails.You have a lot of friends, you talk fast and loud, this is very similar to the choleric.

You melancholic if ...

you are sad and wasting sadness around him.You are very vulnerable, even trifle easier.Anything can hurt you deeply.You lean physique constantly fuss, nervous, do not know how to control their own emotions.You are very impressionable, believe with all around, it is very afraid to be disappointed in people and constantly frustrated.Do you believe in horoscopes, predictions, frequently visit doctors with or without.With difficulty making decisions, preferring to carry out the orders of the chief.

You phlegmatic if ...

you slowly, do not show emotion.Your speech is monotone and uniform, it is difficult to communicate with you, you are closed and kept.You save up negative long to splash out at one point it at anyone.Friends say about you that you - a solid man.The actions of your sense of confidence and determination.Although the decisions are difficult, but they are final, and no turning back.Everything new is the state of discomfort, you avoid embarrassing situations and new acquaintances.

fifth type

course, psycho man mixed in each of us in different proportions.Someone with a mixture of more than sanguine, phlegmatic, another - choleric, melancholic.Few perfect only under any description.4 psycho man shuffled and laid such a temperament at birth.So it's safe to say that all of us - the fifth type, mixed.

How to psycho man

There are many tests to understand who you really are.This is the easiest of them.Before you five figures: square, circle, triangle, rectangle and a zigzag.Choose the one that suits you the most.So, people-squares - good performers, triangles - leaders circles - good friends, zigzags - creative personality, and rectangles - doubting nature.Psycho human - a difficult section of psychology, which includes many aspects, but you can understand yourself and all of life, it does not cease to be interesting and informative.