The appearance of late blight on tomato: how to fight

all cottagers well known such a widespread disease as late blight.Most often the infection affects tomatoes and potatoes.Phytophthora spores are spread in a huge amount of wind and rain.How to care for plants to avoid crop loss?

spores of Phytophthora on tomato appear most often when they are grown in close proximity to potato or more years on the same place.These often make two mistakes novice gardeners.Keep in mind that tomatoes on the same a bed can be grown only at intervals of 4-5 years.It is impossible to cultivate them during this time and after other Solanaceae, and, of course, potatoes.

Another important rule that must be followed to prevent late blight on tomatoes - mandatory digging the soil in the beds after the end of the growing season and the destruction by burning of foliage.In addition, the spring necessary to carry out the correct preparation of seeds for sowing.They necessarily need to be soaked in a one percent solution of potassium permanganate for half an hour.Seeding thus produced after drying until free flowing.

In order to avoid the appearance of late blight on tomatoes, it is necessary to pay special attention to the age of seedlings.Transferring it into the ground most preferably about 60 days after germination.Good will also be used for the cultivation of early and middle-class.The fact that the tomato blight strikes in the second half of summer.Therefore early varieties time to ripen faster than contamination occurs.

Fighting Phytophthora lies in the proper care during the growing season.First, do not put too much thickening tomatoes.Second, you must monitor the weeds.They are deprived of the nutrients plants often close them from the sun, and thus create favorable conditions for the development of late blight.Particular attention should also be paid to the balance between feedings.

appearance of late blight on tomato may be due to the introduction of too much fertilizer containing nitrogen, such as manure.Therefore, when feeding tomatoes must necessarily comply with the rules of farming referred to in this case.Speaking regarding mullein, it should not be in the soil for more than 2 kg per square meter.It is only with regards to poor soils.On chernozem this figure should be reduced by half.This disease is also beginning to develop very rapidly in wet weather.

What to do in the event that late blight on tomatoes still there?First, you should reduce the frequency of watering.The soil in the beds should not be too dry, but standing water also should not be.Watering in the sunny weather should be carried out once a week, but plentiful (with moisture to a depth of about 20 cm).In wet - stop altogether.

In addition, it is necessary to process tomatoes specially designed drugs.This may be copper oxychloride, Bordeaux or liquid.In some cases, it helps saline solution (1 tbsp. / 10 liters).It is sometimes used as iodine (1 bottle / 10 l).Another method - spraying a solution of the infusion of garlic.It is best for this purpose to use it the broken arrow.In any case, before the application of the treating solution is necessary to carefully examine the plants and cut off all infected leaves and branches.