Size hockey boxes: IIFH, NHL, domestic platforms

Hockey is one of the favorite sports.Some people like to watch professional teams are fighting, others take the stick and skates and go play on the nearest ice rink.

What hockey box?

This specially equipped place for games and training for hockey.Of course, everyone has seen it once on TV, someone found this facility in the courtyard.But not everyone thought about, from what should be ground to be safe for the players and spectators, and what is the size of hockey boxes.

Required field must be covered with ice.The layer should be as smooth, without potholes, cracks, mounds, pits.It must also have a hard and durable board (wood, plywood, glass fiber reinforced plastic), preferably the presence of additional fencing on top of them.For the convenience of the players recommended to equip the yard rink bench pereobuvaniya.In the Ice Palace provides locker rooms.

standard size boxes of hockey.IIFH

In fact, with pads is not so simple, ie. To the organization, there are two slightly different requirements.IIFH holds matches in arenas, corresponding to the following parameters:

- length: from 56 to 61 m;

- width: from 26 to 30 m;

- the radius of curvature ranging from 7 to 8.5 m;

- hockey side of the box, height from 1.17 to 1.22 m.

addition boards for ice arenas installed additional fencing panels, the height of which in the area of ​​the gate should be at least 1.6 m, and in theall the rest - from 0.8 m. However, the competition IIFH can only be conducted at the sites of 60-61 m length and width of 29-30 meters. If other dimensions of the box, it can be used for the training of athletes, informal games and so on. d.It is believed that the general marketplace provides an opportunity to combinational play, by increasing space reduces the intensity of the power struggle.

NHL have other requirements

size boxes according to the rules of hockey NHL has some other options:

- Length: 60.96 m;

- Width: 25.9 m;

- curvature radius: 8.53 m;

- board height: 1.02 to 1.22, the most commonly used of 1.07 m.

Ice Arena are also equipped with obstruction shields.

It is because of a narrow site in NHL games are more common power moves, the higher the speed of the game, tougher and more attacks on goal.Also, the low board is not able to keep the athletes on the court, so often they fly through it.

What in the yard?

course, skating rinks next to the house are not exactly correspond to such strict rules.It is not always possible to establish such an overall structure in the yard.Some street scene or have a size of 60x30 m 56h26, but most often it is the territory around schools, stadiums, sports facilities and other institutions have a smaller area.Some of the spacious courtyard you can meet hockey field size 56h26 meters, but it is the exception rather than the rule.

most common variants in the local area are small-sized area the size of 40h20 and 30h15 m. In both cases it will be a smaller radius of curvature - 5 m. Also, non-professional rollers equipped with a high-sided: from 120 to 125 cm. And above them installed additional guards,if not made of fiberglass, then the mesh-netting.Reaches a height of 2.8-3 m, they can. This increases the level of security for both players and spectators: there is no risk that the puck will fly across the board and get into a car or passerby, and the athletes themselves will not be able to fly from the site.

No matter what the size of hockey boxes, gate dimensions remain unchanged.Their parameters are always the same: height - 1.22 m, width - 1.83 m, of course, if it is not self-made wicket keeper - in which case the size of the standard is no guarantee.

basic rules markup

As in any other game, field hockey is divided into zones.A total of 5 lines is applied to the ice.One of them - the central, it divides the area into 2 equal parts.The other two - is the goal line, two hockey field is divided into 3 equally sized areas: protection, neutral and attack.Also on the scene say a place to drop the puck, the judges and the goalkeeper area.Of course, yard games use a simple markup hockey box.With dimensions here is somewhat more complicated, t. To. The dimensions of the rollers at the custom.But if you stick to the basic laws, it is quite possible to make things right.Line gate conducted at 4 m from the edge of the site in standard sizes (56-60 m).If the field is less, it is possible to reduce this distance.The remaining part is divided into three equal zones.Also held the center line, it is celebrated on the place to drop the puck.This simplified version is quite suitable for yard games.Line thickness - 5 cm.

beginners can play even without markings, not thinking about the many complexities and nuances of professional hockey, because the most important thing in any recreation and entertainment - enjoy.