What is lazy and how to distinguish it from fatigue?

all cases not alter - long known maxim."Work is not a wolf" - says a popular age-old wisdom.Indeed, man is not made for permanent work.We must work so that there was time for the family to self-development, to rest.However, without the work life and progress are impossible."Who does not work shall not eat" ... Where is the boundary that separates the workaholism of a reasonable approach?What is lazy and how to fight it?Is it normal for our ever-accelerating pace of life and how to meet the steadily growing demands of reality?

Those who are even slightly familiar with Russian literature, with the question of what a lazy, remember Ilya Ilyich Oblomov unforgettable.His eternal rubbed up holes bathrobe favorite sofa and unhurried dream of a lost paradise.In school we are taught that this lifestyle is harmful.What is lazy in understanding "correctly educated citizen"?This desire to parasitize on the other, the reluctance to invest, to be active, "build" their lives.But on the other hand, laziness - it is

a state of "doing nothing", idleness, who can afford those whose basic needs are met.The level of requests at the same time for each person.After all, if our ancestors had no problems with the sustenance (for example, fruits have enough for everyone), would live in an ever warmer climate without cataclysms and natural disasters, they would not have to defend themselves from predators, it is unlikely they would themselveslook for more trouble and worries.Pay attention to the animal world and the activity of our "little brothers" pushing only hunger, cold, desire to avoid danger.The vast majority of people, these needs are met.If not, the person is looking for ways to reach satiety, and security.Most often, it is only available in two ways: either to work, get paid for it banknotes and exchange them for the needs or live on alms begging (directly or indirectly) from other means of livelihood.

Another question - in the level of these needs.The modern world requires us to constantly increasingly complex skills, constantly overstating the bar needs.In fact, having a roof over your head, warm clothes and food, a person can stay there.But the desire to increase the comfort of life with all means available encourages us to become more active for the sake of well-being.What is lazy in this aspect?The reluctance to take action to improve our way of life.But remember that a child responds to the demands of adults learn better, help around the house, change socks and clean up after a thing?What is it, "and so good."And he is absolutely right in his own way.As long as there is someone or something that allows us to have an acceptable level of comfort, there is no need to act.It occurs when we are taking responsibility for their lives, or when what we have is not enough for us.Therefore, the best cure for laziness - an urgent need.To achieve it will have to try to make an effort to work.You want to have a car?To work hard, find a way to make money.Need an apartment or a house?Think about your skills and abilities can be exchanged for the coveted object or livelihood.

In summary, it can be argued that the need for force and compel us to action.And here is how to kill a lazy, if we know that the roof over your head and bread and butter, and so we have?It seems that one of the most reliable motives - a good "good" envy or a desire to bypass rivals.The desire to prove to everyone around you that you are no worse than others.

It may seem trite, but it is laziness, knows each of us.Nevertheless, it should be distinguished from chronic fatigue and depression.Sometimes we we exhaust ourselves to such an extent that we always think that we do not work well, learn by doing.This contributes to the constant carping from relatives.They think that they somehow know exactly what laziness, and that every minute you spend on yourself - is nothing more than a whim.As a result, we really lose the desire to do anything.Only now it's not happening by laziness and fatigue.Man and all can lose the joy and sense of fun.In this case you should immediately consult a doctor, and not blame yourself for laziness and "doing nothing."Remember that activities should be fun, and not be satisfied with a stick and on its last legs.Loss of sense of satisfaction from done - the first sign of depression and burnout.Do not let the work of your life completely subordinated themselves.