Celebrate the birthday party of Lydia

In April, celebrating the name day of Lydia.This beautiful, for many years been undeservedly forgotten name is extremely popular in 40─60 years.the last century.However, now that the fashion for rare names returned, the girls have been increasingly called Lifecycle.

The origin of the name Lydia is the Greek name of the area, located on the territory of modern Turkey.Literally, the name means "a resident of Lydia."The area has left its mark in history, thanks to the great wealth of its inhabitants and the board in 562─547 years.BC legendary king Croesus.It is in those times there was a saying "rich as Croesus."

Zodiac Lydia

Since birthday party Lead s fall in April, hence the name of this zodiac sign - Aries.This means that most of the carriers of this name in varying degrees inherent in the features that characterize the rams.According to the observations psychologists, women who wear the name of Lydia, very sociable, have a lot of friends and extremely talkative.In addition, they differ violent and explosive temper.

Planet patron ─ sun.Perhaps that is why many of Lida love spending time on the beach.The most favorable time of year - spring.In recognition of themselves carriers of this name, the happiest event in their lives take place in the spring.However, this is not surprising, because in the spring of Lydia celebrates name day, name day.

Birthstone ─ aquamarine.Wearing jewelry from it helps to relieve stress, relieves obsessive fears.If you often sit and look at the aquamarine, can improve vision.

Lydia Name day on the church calendar

April 5, Orthodox Christians remember the holy martyr Lydia Illyrian, who was brutally murdered along with her husband and children after her family refused to renounce the Christian faith.On the same day, and celebrate the name day of Lydia.

In Russian popular belief, this day have to get up early and watch the sunrise.If at the time of ascent lights in the sky clearly visible red circles, then the year will be fruitful.Lydia's name day is celebrated two days before the Annunciation.

Christians Catholics remember the holy with the same name on 27 March and 3 and 11 August.They also mention the name day of the church calendar Lydia.

Character Lydia

Women with this name well-developed logical thinking, they have male mind.Lydia bold and decisive, able to stand up for themselves in any situation, and trying to get out the winner.Very stubborn, but it is extremely dependent on the opinions of others.She was indifferent to what people talk about it and people think.

Lydia extremely sociable and has many friends with whom gladly discuss everything that happens around.If someone is ill, can heartily sympathize.True, real help to expect from it is not necessary.I sincerely grieving, she will talk about your problem to all friends and plunge his head into his own care.

not very thirst for knowledge, the school is not enough stars.Nevertheless, it is very hard worker.All orders chief performs very carefully.Of the women with the same name are obtained ideal secretaries.

Lydia in his youth longed for marriage and his own family.He prefers to get married as soon as possible, rather than to continue their education or to do their own careers.With his elect often met at school.

After marrying Lydia with his head immersed in the improvement of life.It is a good hostess and always strives to ensure that the house was nice and cozy.Never too lazy to clean or wash the dishes.Clean for her - in the first place.Wasteful, it does not know how to save.With pleasure spends money on trinkets.Seeing a beautiful vase or statue, be sure to buy them.

Lydia adores her husband and doted on the children.Her children always beautifully dressed and surrounded with care.Her husband admired and very jealous of his other women.However, the change does not forgive.Having learned about the infidelity of the wife, Lydia may change in response.

Celebrities named Lydia

Among women, marking the birthday party of Lydia, there are many outstanding personalities.The most famous of them - Ruslanova singer, actress Lydia Vertinskaya actress Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin, poet Lydia Sigourney.All these exceptional women have made great contributions to world culture.They will forever remain in the hearts of the enthusiastic admirers of their talent.