Compatibility: The horse man and horse-woman.

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Despite criticism from the pragmatists Eastern interpretation of the character traits is increasingly in demand.Horoscope, then there is a description of certain areas in the characters of people, depending on the date of birth, has gained popularity for its coincidences with the realities of life.

Business Compatibility: Horse-man and woman-horse

Perhaps this is the only area in which the representatives of this stubborn sign can not only coexist, but also be very helpful to each other.What can you tell us horoscope compatibility "Horse-Horse"?The man, born in the Year of the Horse - a true leader.He stubbornly leads his team to success.His hard work are no borders when the target is set, and the plan is designed to achieve it.He will work tirelessly, and he will be able to infect others with his enthusiasm.Woman horse because of its focus on the creation of the new is the most valuable employee in his team.It can easily compete with him in the hard work.She - a real workaholic.Together, they are capable to reach any peaks, but do not require a special manifestation of intelligence.

Both representatives of the mark perfectly perform the tasks, but little success in building complex intellectual combinations do not reach.Their soul is too open, the brain resists falsehood and intrigue - that they will find and support each other.

Love Compatibility: Horse-man and woman-horse

In this perspective, the splendor of their relationship runs into selfishness and stubbornness of both.Male Horse in love set to narcissism.Problems of women he is not interested.He does not love a girlfriend, and his feelings for her.Such a position creates in the soul of a woman beautiful horses the way for the development of its natural resentment.Especially since she herself is not very understand why her marriage.It seems to be necessary, but to engage in creative work is much more interesting than creating a home.

feeling broke out in a pair, it will be hot, but not for long.Particularly dangerous to meet representatives on the love front Fire Horse - is inevitable scandal.The only option a long co-existence of such a union will manifest in time the wisdom which is capable female horse.Compatibility is possible provided that all the energy of a man be directed to material well-being of the family.


Compatibility: The horse man and horse-woman - almost perfect.These two people will always find common interests.How to build a cleaning company or organize a campaign, how to deal with social networks, and their proper use - all of this will be discussed with the same interest and ardor.He will always be able to rely on its practical life and kindness.She felt a strong shoulder near (if it is required, which is unlikely).They will maintain a friendly relationship for life, not passing the border, who have established themselves.It was only after forty or fifty years may suddenly realize that they were meant for each other!


If you are involved in the described relationship, compatibility: The horse man and horse-woman - should not bother you too much.Analyze your own shortcomings and try to smooth them, then any union will be lasting and mutually enjoyable!