QMS is all about workflow

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Today, the word "certification", meaning "done right", accompanied by the activities of many self-respecting and appreciating their work organizations.A document credible to consumers called "certificate" is an essential attribute of high-quality finished product or service provided.Formation of quality comes from the beginning of the process up to the finished product with the mandatory quality control at all stages of production at its manufacturing.The fight for quality has progressed ever since mankind began to show increased demand for goods and services that satisfy the conditions of his stay comfortable high-service service sector.Organizations seeking to be konkurentosposobonymi, decide on pluchenii certification for the right to engage in a particular activity.

quality of services must take into account the interest of all stakeholders:

1. Consumers in obtaining high-quality, multi-functional and cheap products.

2. The entrepreneur making profits from their activities, which depends on the competitiveness of its products.

3. Employees of the organization in achieving its prosperity is directly dependent on the prosperity of their businesses.

4. suppliers of products in the prosperity of the organization.

qualitative approach to the regeneration of society is possible if the systems of quality management, directional sequencing activities of any organizations into a single management system.Such a system proposed by the developer of standards ISO 9000 is the QMS (Quality Management System) and ISO system.

stages of its implementation:

1. Definition of purpose of organization

2. The wording of the expectations of customers, the target audience

3. Search and study of ISO 9000 with the study and analysis of the experience of the application of various organizations

4. Application of standardsISO 9000 in the practice or promotion of its QMS for the award of the quality

5. Availability of the QMS sections: ISO 10006, ISO 10007, ISO 10012, ISO 19011, ISO / TS 16949

6. Conducting the audit checks toidentifying discrepancy of its QMS standard norms followed by the cancellation of defects in accordance with the plan of improving QMS

7. Implementation of actions on improvement of the QMS with the registration of the magazine and followed by re-audit

8. Engaging accredited body to obtain a certificate of conformity.

basis of the existence of the JMC at the proper level is competent and clear management of documentary turnover, which is a 4-tier system.

Minimum list of documents that must lead the organization in accordance with ISO 9001 is the availability of quality policy, quality manual, quality objectives, magazines, internal audits, document management, records management, control of nonconforming product, the magazine fixing the corrective and preventive actions.

For larger organizations (enterprises) provides an additional list of required documentation, including the existence of different production schedules, work instructions and verification, testing and inspection plans, lists of approved suppliers, and regulatory and technical documentation.

Four-workflow system involves assigning each document status peculiar importance in the organization of the process and the appropriate GPS fix the system.

Hierarchy document is presented in the form of levels:

1 level: senior management, customers and regulatory authorities in the form of a "Quality Policy" and the "Quality Manual"

2 Level to use the structural units of the organization in the form of documents-Procedures description QMS processes

3 and 4 levels: for use by all employees of the organization in the form of descriptions of different kinds of activities.

Layering documentary trafficking organizations effectively influence the entire system through its impact on any of its levels.