Business partnerships

Individual business usually has a fairly limited capacity and is distributed largely on small businesses.

For the same species, as a large enterprise, as a rule, it is a compound current efforts of several individuals, which as a result is converted to a collective business.

Business partnerships - these combine several partners to organize joint business or businesses in which the participation of all individuals necessarily sealed contract or written agreement.Persons signing the main contract, considered the founders.

They have the full right to participate in managing the affairs of the distribution of the profits, to obtain information about all the activities of the partnership, familiarization with all documentation.In addition, in the event of liquidation of the company founders receive part of its property or the corresponding cash equivalent.

For a close and fruitful union of economic partnerships, usually made out as the company, which are connected not only effort, but also the capital of their founders.Initially, his contribution called reserve or authorized.

Depending on the type of property liability partnership are divided into full and limited.

Under the Civil Code economic partnerships are commercial, ieorganization whose main purpose is prescribed profit.This partnership does not have legal status, have the right to be independent entities, asno statute, sometimes even the names.

Business partnerships and companies as its capital property may be fixed assets, such as buildings, equipment, facilities, working capital - stocks of raw materials, finished goods, work in progress, financial resources and other valuables.

That amount of share capital, which, according to the main contract, have business partnerships, and is a guarantee for all those organizations, which are associated with their business activities.

In partnership must have at least two members, and it is the only founding document - a contract that is signed by all founders, called general partners.

In turn, the economic society - it is the most classic, versatile and most common worldwide form of corporation.

Today Russian legislation provides for three legal organizational forms of business entities.

most common - is a limited liability company.It is founded by one person or several.Of its share capital in the founding document is divided into shares.

In turn, members of another form - additional liability, are jointly and severally liable in the subsidiary specifically a certain size, fold their contributions.

Another form - joint stock company becomes a legal entity with the receipt of the state registration.It must have a specific address and be sure to - name.

This corporation can be of two types - closed and open.Each type is caused by the way the formed authorized capital, the founders and, as a consequence, the status of the participants.

For example, in a closed joint-stock company shares are distributed among all the definitions set out in advance the circle of individuals who have a preferential right to purchase them from the other shareholders.