How to teach your child to write capital letters?

comes a time when parents time to solve fairly complex problem - to teach your child to write.At the same time everyone wants his child to do it quickly and beautifully.It is worth noting that the letter is one of the most difficult skills of those people who learns early in his life.How to teach your child to write capital letters, how to make this process easy and interesting?

How to start

Begin teaching children not to write whole stories in notebooks.First you need to develop the small muscles of their pens, to form a coordination of movements, as well as teach them patience and perseverance.

These skills require special attention, because without them it is impossible to move on to more complex tasks.Very often young parents do not know how to teach a child how to write, and try to immediately get him for the recipe.However, for the formation of a beautiful clear handwriting of the child should be fully prepared by hand and develop fine motor skills.

various activities and games for the development of fine motor skills in children invented a lot of hands.But do not forget that you need to select only those that are to the liking of your child is, and deal with it constantly.The day should be paid to occupations less than 15 minutes.

Classes for kids

One of the most interesting and at the same time useful lessons for the development of fine motor skills - modeling.During gameplay brush children's hands are strengthened, and the child learns to not only create, but also a long time to engage in the same business.For lessons you can use salt dough, clay, clay, etc.A child can create individual pieces and entire scenes, making applications, letters and learn to mold them in the process, consolidating knowledge, make of them the word.

occupation is considered good and the creation of applications of colored paper and cardboard.Did you consider that such activities will not help you solve the issue of how to teach a child to write capital letters?In fact, during this process, the kid will be busy very exciting thing for themselves - by cutting.And work with scissors - it's one of the best exercises for the muscles of the hand.

You can also play with the baby, using small objects such as buttons, stones, beads, peas, etc.Develop accuracy, precision and memory helps the art of origami.In addition, it is necessary to draw more often with a child, using a variety of materials - crayons, gouache, watercolor, pencils, etc.This will help the child develop and strengthen the skill use and proper holding pencils and pens.

Learning House

At home, it is best to stick to the standard scheme, on which the Council give lessons letter.If you break it, then in the future child will be very difficult to change their skills and rebuild in a new way.Teach a child to write capital letters home is not difficult, the main thing - to follow a certain procedure.

What do you need?

- good handle (picks it up carefully to the child was comfortable);

- training images;

- notebook with words;

- sample letters (printed and written).

How to teach your child to write capital letters - a technique lesson outline

1) In the first place the child must be taught to write small pieces, which are used in capital letters.Start with sticks - straight and rounded up or down.We advise you to use a special notebook-propyl.

2) Do not give your child the job immediately.You want to know how to teach a child to write capital letters, not discourage him from childhood to the letter.Let him carefully consider all elements of the letter, and then try a few times to circle it on points.Without these skills the child can not do in the future on their own.Special attention to the upper and lower limits of the working lines.Your child will know exactly where should begin and end with an uppercase letter.

3) To show the beginning of the child printed letters.Let him remember their appearance and learn names.Rehearsed with him riddles, sayings with repetitive sounds.Once the kid will remember the sound of a particular sound, he showed a letter.Try to find a child, she reminded him, then it is easier to remember her appearance.

4) Only after studying the printed characters fashionable begin to address the question of how to teach a child how to write.First, parents need to do to show how to write this or that letter, the slow movements of the hand.

5) Independently children can deal with the bill.We like to write uppercase letters with the child, commenting on his actions.Once - write wand and - round out the two - another stick, and so on.

6) Only then can you start writing in notebooks-words.To start doing circled letters on point circuits, and then fasten the writing yourself.To begin, of course, it is necessary from the letters, gradually moving to syllables, words and sentences.