How to insulate a balcony with his own hands

Everyone wants to make his apartment very cozy and very comfortable.Insulate balcony - one of the ways by which to achieve this goal.

How to insulate a balcony from the inside?What is the process?The answers to these questions.The essence of insulation - the creation of the perimeter of the balcony (external) light and warm wall, which is impervious to wind, is waterproof and durable.

This wall should consist of several layers.The outer layer carries a protective and decorative function.The middle layer - is itself a heater, and the inner layer performs the same function as the outer.

Best used for the outer layer of siding.You can also use a plastic "lining" thing when buying pay attention to the suitability of the plastic to the outdoor conditions.For the inner layer of MDF panels are suitable.As for the insulation, the more often it is polystyrene (EPS).

alternative foam may be polyurethane foam (otherwise it is called more "assembly foam").The difference between them lies in the reaction to fire.Foam, unlike foam, very flammable.Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious.

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How to insulate a balcony on their own?Of course, you first need to make from the balcony of all that there is.

If the walls are lined with anything, the liner should be removed.Make sure that all elements of the balcony are OK (no damage, secure fencing).

Then you can start assembling the frame.Frame to make a double.To do this would be to use a set of wooden beams and galvanized profiles (bent).The frame is attached to the fence balcony.Fixture will be held with wire clips or screws.If it is necessary to attach to the plate or wall, use self locking anchors.

will move on the outside.It is necessary to make the outer layer (e.g., siding).Then put a heater, and with it the finishing layer (internal).If you suddenly use mineralovidnye heaters, be sure to lay a vapor barrier.It is performed by a special film.The film is different, and different degrees of permeability to water of the smallest particles.Pay attention!These characteristics are indicated on the film itself.Locate the side that has higher permeability to water.That it is necessary to pay in the direction where the heater is placed.Thus moisture that got into the insulation, easy to evaporate.

If you decide to insulate the balcony using foam, all the joints are formed between the sheets, and the seams where the sheets are adjacent to the plate and the walls will need to carefully fill with foam.

In that case, if your neighbors are on top and bottom are not thought up yet warm balcony, you will have more and insulate the floor to the ceiling.Process for the floor and the ceiling is similar to the actions that were carried out for the walls.

And finally: do not hesitate to ask for help from experts or just from people who know, if we decide to insulate their own balcony.Do not forget to apply reliable fastening, which is not worth saving.

Regarding safety of passers-by, at the time of your "work activity" can protect the area under the balcony in the event of the fall of any tools or materials.Drive the stakes and tension rope.It would be sufficient to eliminate the risk to injure someone.