Piterlend Aqua, long-awaited answers to Questions

Piterlend Aqua, the largest water park in Russia, which was opened more than once tolerated.Water Park is designed as a dome of wooden structures.It is a water park with a pirate theme, with a swimming pool for diving depth 6metrov, and possibly with a pool for surfing!Waterpark is located at Saint-Petersburg, Primorskiy pr. 72.

In social networks rose scandalous question "Piterlend Aqua", to which no response from management.Let me remind you that the water park planned for launch in 2011. 4kvartale, but it did not, why?This question is not received correct answer, probably knows only the company customer-developer Company "Strömberg."

My attempts to find answers to the most common questions users sots.seti, met with mixed success.

The fact that it was sold to a large number of coupons through the site "Groupon" for the water park.Water park has been closed and remains, and coupons are valid until June 1, 2012,.

Dell: "The period of use of purchased coupons will be extended?"

Piterlend Aqua: "Management does not see the need."

I was able to attend the test run water park, people were not so many, but slides were queues.Waterpark 2tysyachi targeted at people at a time.

Dell, "how to deal with the water park will be queues on the hill?"

Piterlend Aqua: "We are the main open quickly, and queues will find how to cope."

Dell "Will maintain control in the area of ​​finding cheesecakes slides? Because cheesecake with 3 slides, and the people sitting with them in the children's roller coaster."

Piterlend Aqua: "What about the cheesecakes you're right, we all noticed it, too, discussed at a meeting."

Dell: "It will be organized by serving as planned?"

Piterlend Aqua: "Until we remove it from the accounts, although from the beginning of its opening will not be exact."

found out that the pool for surfing, if it is, it will not be under the dome and in a separate room.

At the very beginning of the article that I wrote, with varying success managed to find the answers, it's probably because the opening date so no one voiced.This is probably the only factor stimulation of people unknown what to expect and how to be.The opening of the water park joyous occasion not only for the coastal area, but also for the whole city we will be.hopefully, we will wait.