Rejuvenation with just one exercise - Myth or Reality?

imperceptibly flying day after day, for years, for years, and do not want to grow old.Particularly sensitive to the changes women.What they did not come up to hold the youth even for a moment.And then suddenly someone close to you drops the phrase that rejuvenation with just one exercise possible.For her, you grab as "a straw."And in fact, it is a myth or reality?So now we will understand.

rejuvenation process

We prove that a single exercise can help get rid of gray hair and wrinkles.The person - is a mirror that shows the processes occurring in the body.But more than anything surprise you what is possible with a single rejuvenation exercise "Birch", familiar to all from childhood.But, most of all, very few people know that it is one of the three positions, used for preserving youth.

Yoga Tips for rejuvenation process in a way to use three positions, or asanas:

  • rack itself "Birch" (on the blades, legs raised up).
  • headstand.
  • Handstand.

performing these exercises, you can achieve excellent results, but it is worth remembering that stand on their heads, not everyone can.Not because of the fact that it is impossible, and because of the fact that there are side effects.The reason for their appearance - improperly performed exercises.

To rejuvenation with just one exercise, do not try to carry out all three positions, stop your choice on one asana - "Birch".

correctly perform the exercise

That depends on it, whether your idea is embodied to receive effect (rejuvenation) with a single exercise in life or not.That's why, read the how to do it.There are two ways of performing the rack "Birch".

  • Sarvangasana.Headstand.In carrying out this exercise, try not to give a large load on the cervical spine.Otherwise, you may get injured.Especially dangerous are injured are beginners who think that perform this asana is simple and easy.
  • Viparita-Karani.This position is safer than the first.Stand on the blades.

After the exercise is done, move the legs behind her head, and then go down vertebra by vertebra on the back.A few minutes of rest while lying on her back on a flat surface.

In order to get rid of gray hair and wrinkles, to be in an inverted position is not more than thirty minutes.Start the exercise with standing rack for one minute, each time increasing the time for half a minute.

rejuvenation effect

Rejuvenation with just one exercise possible.How does this happen?

answer from the point of view of yoga.At the top of the forehead chakra is Soma.She exudes a lunar nectar, which is in the form of energy flow through the body flows to the solar plexus, where it burns Manipur.Since nectar is a source of health and youth, it is necessary to make it as small as possible hitting the solar plexus.That's why becoming a pose "birch", you send it in the other direction.Nectar increasingly accumulates in the head, which leads to the development of unusual features and rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation with just one exercise does not leave indifferent and scientists.According to them, in the performance of the asanas with the circulatory system of the load is removed, because you have to overcome the force of gravity when the blood passes the lower part of the body. She rushes to the organs in the abdominal cavity, in the upper body, neck and head.At this time, the blood vessels of the lower limbs are resting, and the brain and the thyroid gland get more blood.

In addition, the constant fulfillment of exercise helps to eliminate constipation, indigestion, anemia.Improves flexibility of the spine and vitality of man.

Another way to "hold" a youth

hope he too will interest you: rejuvenation with just one exercise Goltis.

This technique has another name - "Healing Impulse".It turns it into five parts:

  • Open Heart (moral and aesthetic basis).All spiritual values ​​should be manifested in actions.
  • exercises.Performing complex on one muscle group a day, you provide increased blood flow to the central and peripheral parts of your body.The purpose of this exercise - the inclusion of resources that are not used in everyday life.This leads to rejuvenation and longevity.
  • Meals based on biological rhythms of the body.It must take into account the compatibility of products.
  • Fasting - an extreme way that helps to rejuvenate the body.
  • Hardening - a powerful amplifier of the results of the exercises.

Contraindications and limitations

Using rejuvenation with a single exercise should be aware of some rules.

  • Before doing nothing to eat.You can drink a glass of juice.
  • It is best to start the rejuvenation of the morning, preferably every day.
  • No alcohol, otherwise the effect you are not very happy.
  • completely eliminate junk food and heavy.
  • If you do not have a goal to lose weight - eat well, and increase the amount of food intake.
  • During the critical days of pregnancy and refrain from exercise.

And now about how to do the exercise.Relax, close your eyes.If you can not, then you are doing something wrong.Stay in the pose "Birch" as long as you feel discomfort.Feeling discomfort, stop the exercise.

Sick people Sarvangasane recommended to not more than one minute, and Viparta-Karani - not more than five minutes.


Summarizing all the above, we can agree that the rejuvenation with a single exercise - it is a reality.A proof of a few reviews:

  • Some say that by performing "Birch" every day for six months, have noticed changes not only in shape, but on the face.Fewer wrinkles, double chin was gone.Other
  • advised to practice yoga, in particular, to fulfill the position of "Birch" in order to feel young all over the body.
  • and say that improving the condition of the thyroid gland, which leads to the improvement of the whole organism.