Types of whales: the list, photo.

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whales - one of the most amazing mammals inhabiting the water expanses of our planet.These animals m the largest of all known to mankind today.Moreover, the ocean has not yet been fully explored, which is why scientists have periodically offer new types of toothed whales are usually small, but still.Whaling today has led to what species of whale is constantly decreasing, as well as their population, which is very sad.


All whales are divided into two groups, the so-called suborders.Although it is worth noting that scientists have identified three of the suborder.One of them - the ancient whales.All members of this group have long died out, and describe them is not much point.We will talk about the animals that are still floating in the oceans and seas, though there is a threat of extinction.

One of these suborders - baleen whales.In addition, they are often called "whales present."The second suborder - toothed whales.Smaller representatives, which include dolphins and porpoises, but more on that later.It should be noted that different species of whales are subject to destruction.In particular, this applies to those who have the greatest value in the fishery.This is the blue whale, fin whale, humpback, and so on. N.

whale species: the list, a brief description

We begin with the baleen whales with both the largest and most ancient.This includes a variety of whale species that are worthy of your attention.It is not difficult to guess that such an animal can be found at the mustache in the mouth.By the way, whalebone also appreciated, so these animals often fall prey to poachers.The greatest representative of the suborder - the blue whale.The largest recorded specimen reaches a length of 30 meters and weighs 150 tons.And it is absolutely peaceful animals whose diet is mostly of plankton and shellfish.

Bowhead Whale is a prominent representative of baleen whales.The length of this giant sometimes reaches 20 meters, the body of the animal is black, without streaks.It is noteworthy that the head is about 30% of the total length of the whale.He lived exclusively in the Arctic seas.Today it is almost extinct species that is extremely rare.The reason for this was whaling.

Pygmy right whales and

southern right whale somewhat similar to the harp like in appearance and size.Therefore, an inexperienced person can confuse them.Although not difficult to guess that the habitat of the animals is very different.Southern right whales are not found in the Arctic seas, as well as the harp is not seen in the temperate zone of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.Around the 10th century BC whaling on whales only widened.Today these animals are under full protection, according to the latest data trends are positive kind of reproduction.

All species of whales, a list which you can see in this article are awesome and unique.Take, for example, the dwarf whale.His so-called because of the small size.Generally, individuals do not grow in length of more than 6 meters.But if we do not take this parameter into account, otherwise the animal is no different from its neighbors.

Endangered whales

family of gray whales is one of the exterminated at the moment.This is a fairly large representatives length of 15 meters, with no dorsal fin.In the 18th century the population numbered about 30 thousand individuals.As a result of the active whaling number of gray whales in 1947 it was reduced to 250 individuals.After that, the family of gray whales were taken under constant guard, now these animals, there are about 6000.

Not to mention the rorqual family.These include the humpback whales and minke whales present.As those and other - endangered species of whales.If in the 30 years of this century, in the Antarctic, there were approximately 250,000 fin whales, today this figure is five times less.Of the 100 000 blue whales that once lived in Antarctica in the 30 years to 1962 mu survived only 1 000-3 000 individuals.Approximately the same situation with sei whales and humpbacks, which are under constant guard.The largest representative of striped whale - blue.He - the only species of whale, who leads a nomadic life.

Toothed whales: the types and description

suborder of toothed whales has a large number of families.It combines their presence teeth, although the dimensions, as well as their number may vary significantly.Almost all members of the body are small.The only exception is the sperm whale.Of course, oceanic dolphins and porpoises are the most famous of the suborder of toothed whales.Most of these small animals.

easiest way to determine the appearance of white whale.This can be done by the color of his skin.Dimensions are small white whales, typically up to 5 meters.There are almost everywhere.Sometimes these whales swim to where can not live.We can not identify a single representative of the kind of narwhals - the narwhal.They are somewhat similar to the white whale.However, narwhals have 2-2,5-meter tusk on his head, that belongs only to males.The length of the animal is about 5 meters.

Porpoises and dolphins

Here we come to the subfamily dolphins.It should be noted that it is in part a large number of species and subspecies even more.Only about half of today known whales.For example, an ordinary brown dolphin or porpoise is simply a length of usually no more than 2 meters.The back of the animal is black, and the belly is almost white.Dolphins mostly prefer warm waters and moderate latitudes.Often swim far up the rivers.Interestingly, the special race porpoises living in the Black Sea.

following types of porpoises are found in different parts of the seas and oceans:

  • California;

  • glasses;

  • black;

  • black bespernaya and others.

Appearance in all kinds of different essential, as well as sizes.In general, though carnivorous animals, but very peaceful.Studies have shown that some species of whales and dolphins have a very developed brain.What makes dolphins really amazing is their ability to communicate - echolocation.This kind of language, most of the sounds that are incomprehensible to humans today.

Rhode sperm whales

As noted slightly higher sperm whales - are the real giants of all toothed whales.The animals can reach a length of about 20 meters.This herd whales, which can be found in all the oceans of the planet Earth.The exceptions are the females and young whales who prefer to be in the warm waters.Today, it is not fully studied species.In particular, it is unknown whether the males return from their long-distance migrations.Scientists still have not figured out why they swim so far, although the most likely theory is the fact that they are looking for food.In terms of the sperm whale fishing is very valuable.This became especially evident in the years following the Second World War.Near the coast of Chile and Peru, these animals, particularly females, were virtually wiped out, which seriously threaten the population.Even today, in all the oceans of the world are hunted and exterminated toothed whales.Species of animals being very important to humans do not have.


Here we are considered the main species of whales.The names assigned to these animals is not one nation of the world and not only in the 21st century.Unfortunately, even today, is actively fishing.How many species of whales remain today?About 40, and despite the fact that there used to be over a hundred.One thing is when the process is controlled, and quite another when it's uncontrolled trapping and destruction.

course possible indefinitely to say that of the brain extract whale insulin and other hormones, and the liver - vitamin A. In addition, the meat used for the manufacture of sausages expensive.But all of this can be found in nature without destroying various types of whales and not reducing their population.Well, that's all you can tell us about the whales and their diversity of species.Most of them are peaceful animals that seldom attack a human.