How to borrow on the "motive" for 5 days?

Service Provider "motif" appeared on the market in late 1996 and began operating under the brand "Beeline".After a federal company in 2002 decided to move independently in the markets of the region, the company was forced to create their own brand.As a result, the company settled on the title "motif".

Today, the operator has a service in four regions: the Sverdlovsk and Kurgan region, the Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.In the Perm region it operates a subsidiary of the group, provides local wire communication.The focus of "Motif" paid to the development of cellular telephone service.The number of subscribers, according to the company, more than 2 million people.

Why borrow money at the operator?

Pay for mobile phone services can be a variety of ways.But there are situations when there are no terminals and ATMs, and the balance to zero, and to make an urgent call impossible.In such cases, subscribers "Motive" money borrowed can ask your network operator.You do not need to write any statements, and all actions are performed directly from a mobile phone.

How to borrow on the "motives"?

subscribers the majority of operators, regular pay for the services and clients of the company are quite a long time, can take advantage of "Promised payment".The duty to "motive" can take only 100 rubles.They will be automatically debited from the balance at the end of five days from the date of activation.

ways in which to borrow on the "motive", a few.The simplest of them - use USSD-services.It is enough to dial * 103 * 103 # and press the Call button.After that you will see a notification of acceptance of the order, and a few seconds later received an information SMS indicating the time until which the service will be active.

subscribers who have Internet access can use the activation of services through a personal account on the site operator.To do this, select the section on the home page and select the FOX service "Deferred Payment" in the drop-down list item "Additional services".

How to borrow on the "motive", can also be found at the information center operators available to subscribers of the company, even with zero balance, and specialists of the sales office.By choosing this method of activation of the credit payment, ready to call the support person passport data or code word, and the telephone number to which you want to activate the service.

should remember

Before you borrow on the "motive", you must make sure that the balance of the phone more than minus 94 rubles.In addition, you can activate the service only after 90 days from the date of the contract with the company.

connecting "Promised payment" is to be understood that the service is paid: the activation of "Motif" charges a commission of 5 rubles.Take advantage of the offer may only subscribers who are natural persons and are connected to the tariff plans of prepaid system.Corporate customers, as well as those who use the payment due on credit, to borrow on the "motives" can not.