How to get a mortgage in the Savings Bank, and not to miscalculate

own homes today - no problem.With the advent of mortgage purchase square meters became a reality.If you are still wondering how to get a mortgage at Sberbank, the answer is simple.You just select the program and to collect documents.And now all this detail.

Choice Bank

If all of the options you choose, Sberbank of Russia, want to take a mortgage it is here, it is a very good choice.Savings Bank offers a variety of programs such loan with flexible interest rates and fairly free conditions.Well, and that by taking a mortgage in the Savings Bank, you will get great benefits for the rest of the loans and deposits.Pay a certain portion of the mortgage, you can get that amount in the form of another loan, attach it to a mortgage and buy a cottage, for example.So, the choice is made.We begin to find out how to get a mortgage at Sberbank.

Basic and special programs

very often to select the program you only need to come to any office of the bank in person and say, "I want to take a mortgage in the Savings Bank."Employees immediately offer you a few choices exist.Base lending programs allow you to purchase as a finished housing and under construction.Interest rates are also depend on your income and the loan amount, and the amount of down payment.You can even take out a loan to build a house.In all these cases, the key to this will be the most residential real estate.However, there are special programs, such as military mortgage or mortgage plus maternity capital.Where interest rates are much lower, but not all fit under the proposed conditions of these programs.

favorable housing

If the question is about how to get a mortgage in the Savings Bank, you are not worried so much, you can wait for special events, which are often held in the bank.For example, there are stocks for new housing.The percentage of no more than 12 credit is given no more than 12 years, the minimum initial contribution will be only 12 percent.It is simply stored, and quite advantageous offer.It is also often held shares for young families.Usually there is a limit on the age of the spouses, and the rate is very low - 10.5%.But the maximum loan term is 30 years.The initial contribution too small - it is 10%.

General tips Here are some general tips on how to get a mortgage at Sberbank.To get started, choose yourself, you can even calculate the monthly payments on a calculator which is on the site of the bank.Then check with the manager.It must be done in person, not over the phone.Next, ask a staff member for you to choose the best option, taking into account all factors.Suppose that in front of you will be a few suggestions, from which you can choose.Stay on feasible monthly payment, even if the term of the loan will be very high.As for the documents, everything is simple.If you receive a salary in the bank card, then you only have enough passports to apply.Otherwise it is necessary to confirm their income certificate from the accounting department.