How to choose teethers?

How much joy in our lives comes with the birth of your baby!We aim to indulge his every way possible, listen to every sound and shudder at every occasion.He was born a new man!But how much it requires vigilant care.One of these concerns - first teeth.

Young mothers do not get tired to share their concerns about the terms of their teething children.Typically, this event occurs at the age from 4 to 9 months of life baby when he begins to operate normally the gastrointestinal tract, the salivary glands.In other words, nature gives the command to start receiving solid food, and the teeth begin to cut.

process is usually painful, and the child is often a bad mood, there is crying, fever.Germinating teeth inflame the gums, and the baby itch and the need to satisfy it.How did he do it?Biting to knock down a little pain in the gums.

During this period, he can bite anything that will get in his way: the hands, lips, toy, the mother's breast.And biting harder than the subject, the better for him.Especially for children this age and create a toy that a child can chew on without fear - teethers.

Cutters - focus in a variety

In ancient times as teethers used safe for the environment materials.Diversity was a small wood, cloth, and sometimes even a slice of bacon wrapped in gauze to child was delicious scratching itchy gums.They were large enough that the child could not swallow and choke, but not such that they could not keep the small children's hands.After develop fingers, and with them, and fine motor skills of hands, too, must!

modern market quickly appreciated the fact that young parents will coddle children sparing no money and offer a huge variety of all kinds of children's products for infants.Unfortunately, many young parents are very responsible attitude to the choice of these products, thinking that if the goods are in store, good uncle and aunt of the Ministry of Health have conducted all their tests and are ready to swear on the Bible that these toys are harmless.Not a bit of it!It is important to pay attention to exactly what you take Teether for baby.But they differ from each other on the following parameters:

- producing countries.

In fact, more than half of children's products comes from China, where the health of Russian children are not very much and worried.Golden Taurus eclipsed reason, and the pursuit of profit at any cost has turned all life's landmarks.For beautiful appearance product manufacturers do not hesitate to add them toxic paint, and as a material for synthetic chemistry toys goes up to mercury compounds.You do not even need to talk to some dire consequences it can lead.

I must say that not all Chinese goods is unsuitable for the baby.If he has a factory marking and quality certificate, the fears were groundless.Also you need to use only those manufacturers whose names have long existed in the market and whose reputation is impeccable.This is especially true of children's teethers: because their child does not take out of his mouth.In this case, the quality of teethers should not cause any doubts.

- materials of which they are made teethers.

most commonly found on sale teethers made of latex and silicone.Latex is a soft material, and therefore more elastic and flexible.Some people believe that these teethers do not have a bad influence on the emerging bite the child, although worn out rather quickly.However, tighter silicone does not carry a bad load, if he is in ortodentalnoy Teether (anatomical) form.But its tough texture is perfect for additional sterilization of the product.

- Cutters filled or without.

began to spread very widely teethers teeth with a gel-filled, which cools the "working" surface of the toy, and his cold dampens the pain of inflamed gums.The solution was simple and natural, because, according to the doctors, nothing can be as good to shoot inflammatory processes as cold.

To cool such a toy, it is enough to place it at some time in the refrigerator to cool termogel.By the way, as a filler can be a normal and distilled water.

- Cost teethers.

Often it depends on the popularity of the brand that represents the product.On the market have earned the respect and trust of customers brands justify the high price level, as for the health of the younger baby need the best.

- shelf life and use of teethers.

course, the dates indicated on the packaging should pay particular attention, since their graduation clearly depends on their capabilities.

- Allowance for stage teething baby.

As is known, the teeth do not appear simultaneously, and are in this respect a strict schedule of his birth.So manufacturers have tried to take into account, for the eruption of some teeth is useful to a particular product.There are :

- Teether first stage, designed to facilitate the emergence of baby front teeth;
- Teether second stage - for middle teeth;
- Teether third stage, intended for the appearance of the back teeth.

General requirements for simple teeth Teether:

- Ease of holding them in the hand of the child.

- The total amount of toys should be such that the child was not able to swallow or put in the throat, but it could easily bite.

- No hazardous materials and paints.

- The surface of the toys should not be too hard, should not have sharp corners, dangerous for the possible injury of the child.

As is known, the main critic of the production - the kid himself.It happens that Teether is his liking, and he was happy to "sharpening his teeth on it."And sometimes vice versa - a beautiful toy they completely ignored, and as a replacement for the standard suits pacifier.Or even any thing in the house, which he had his eye.Come see what the mind of the tiny man!

In any case, to act contrary to his sense is not enough: you need to understand it.And this can be done only when the parents themselves are empathetic and understanding people.So do not be discouraged if you purchased prorezyvatel not cause rapid enthusiasm.Perhaps it makes sense to buy another?

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