Why dream of a snake?

Why dream of a snake?A woman is likely to even look at dream interpretation is not necessary.Creeping and unpleasant establishment predicts trouble, tell any.But what kind of "fiasco" to happen, it is necessary to recognize the plot of the dream.

Just to see the snake

If you go through the meadow and stumbles upon a creeping reptile - expect betrayal.If the snake is not attacked you, then you learn about the gossip surrounding your behalf.Burrs - will quarrel with an unpleasant person.A lot of writhing snakes around what dreams?Snakes are a woman in this case predict malicious gossip that hurt her zadenut.It will reveal the plan zavistnits who want to separate her from her beloved.He is likely to have inclined to believe evil talk.It is necessary to talk to him frankly, to dispel all doubts.

What dream big snake

See - your well-being in jeopardy.Rival in love is almost won.If you threw the snake rings - you are under the influence of fraud, which only uses kindness.The relationship with him will end your humiliation and tears.Look carefully at the person you trust at this time.Kill a huge snake - to win the fierce struggle for their own happiness!Do not worry, all your dreams will come true, you just do not give up, and to take action to implement them.Most snake lays eggs - a terrible dream.Your opponent came up with this affair, which you resist almost can not.It is better to spend more time with their loved ones, so that he did not doubt your loyalty.It is not necessary to give him a reason for suspicion, saluting their independence.Personal happiness is more expensive!Surround it with care and attention, then the storm will pass a party.Now show character to anything.Dream of a snake woman, to warn about dangerous and cunning rival, claiming its place next to the favorite.Be carefull!

What dreams yellow snake

color of the sun is sometimes considered not only a sign of wealth, but also a sign of separation.In dreams about snakes - exactly the case.Dreamed yellow snake - expect betrayal.Bite - catch a loved one with a rival.You will be incredibly painful.However, it is not necessary to forgive the traitor.He - ladies' man, incapable of loyalty to one woman.It is better to leave!

Children and snake

And if you dream that your kids are at risk?Why dream of a snake woman with a child (or children)?Play together - a disease of the baby.Bite a child - to an accident.Hiss on your son - he is in great danger.If you killed the reptile in a dream - everything ended well!A dream in which you see other people's children, and they are threatened by a snake, it means that the event will go on an unplanned scenario.Where you expect success, there will be trouble.Friendship turn into betrayal, love - indifference.Only the dead bastards predict an end to the misfortunes and restore the normal flow of your life.

Snake threatens beloved

This dream will tell you that you should be more attentive to you dear people.Chances are that your loved one in trouble at work and your support it is now very much needed.Talk to him.During the conversation, you can not only inspire him confidence in his abilities, but also to give wise counsel.

Exotic images

massage with snakes, which is becoming very popular now, dreaming to dangerous pleasures.If your hair is turned into a ball of snakes - you will be a disgrace.If some things have become strangely snakes and attacked you - you get hurt by those people who feel sincere friends.