Combining Eastern horoscopes and zodiacal (2015)

Nowadays everyone knows at least two of its astrological symbol for a variety of horoscopes.It - zodiac sign and animal for the year of birth.Such a combination of horoscopes due to the development of civilization and the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures.Since it happened so many people want to know what characteristics have imposed on him two signs.Consider the article alignment horoscopes and zodiacal east, as well as a brief outlook for 2015.This is an interesting and useful information.

Combining eastern and zodiac astrology horoscopes

- Alternative science.There are many different horoscopes.The most popular of them - the eastern and the zodiac (west).

is based on Chinese astrology is necessary motion of the Moon and Jupiter.Zodiac horoscope is built on the motion of the Sun (annual).Perhaps not quite right to impose these systems against each other since they were in a completely different civilizations.But considering that in our time the two cultures in many ways crossed the combination of eastern and zodiac horoscopes has become quite popular.

theory of psycho

This theory suggests that people born under a particular sign and receives certain psycho.Given the combination of horoscopes, some features will be more, others - less.

psycho theory implies the division of signs into three groups:
• Hoof: in the zodiac horoscope - Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, to the east - Wild boar, goat, horse, bull.
• Predators: Scorpio, Leo, and the Monkey (partially), Cat, Dog, Tiger.
• Birds, reptiles, rodents in the zodiac horoscope - Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, Libra, in the east - Rooster, Dragon, Snake, Rat.

Features groups and their combination

hoof distinguished nobility, freedom, and conscience.They are confident, know their weaknesses, teaches personal dignity.Arrogance and stubborn.The worst

Union ungulates - predators.If these two characters are superimposed on one person, it is full of contradictions, which are often not able to understand.

Predators quite energetic, vitality, are aggressive.Mix in one person the two characters of this group generates persistent and ambitious personality.And if the predator was born the year the representative of the third group, the aggressiveness, tenacity, energy will be weak.

birds, reptiles, rodents differ care, communication skills.They are quite harmonious, cultivate, protect energy.Reptiles often possess supernormal, magnetism.In imposing the mark of the group for the last aggressive predator is markedly reduced.

Feature sign Aries combined with oriental horoscope

Aries-Rat.This is a positive and energetic person, charming, cheerful, friendly, at the same time - independent and impulsive.

Aries-Taurus.Ambitious, ambitious, stubborn.With him it is better not to argue, he has the solutions and answers to the shelf.

Aries-Tiger.Energetic, bright, interesting personality.He likes to be the center of attention and see the admiration in the eyes of others.

Aries-Rabbit (Cat).Tricky and rational.Auxiliaries for him in the first place.

Aries Dragon.Very strong personality.Self-confident, ambitious and determined.A great entrepreneur, has the makings of a powerful leader.

Aries Snake.A strong but ambiguous personality.In general, a quiet man, but it is influenced by mood, which can change dramatically.

Aries-Horse.The unpredictable, spontaneous person.The passions of his soul, the mood is changeable.

Aries-Goat.Personality independent, open and honest, but at the same time twice as stubborn and vengeful.

Aries-Monkey.Very sociable, lively, bright, energetic person.He does not like to be alone.

Aries-Rooster.Pretty complex combination of horoscopes and zodiacal east - eccentric, uncompromising, proud person.

Aries-Dog.Honest, truthful, open, friendly, reliable, at the same time - a tactful person.

Aries-Pig.Rustic, charming, positive person.Physical endurance person, a strong leader.

Feature sign Taurus combined with oriental horoscope

Taurus-Rat.Man charming, has a natural charm, always support the conversation will come to the rescue.

Taurus the Bull.Very stubborn and persistent.However, a person sensitive, emotional, passionate.

Taurus-Tiger.Quiet and reserved.Able to be broken if it is a long time to irritate the same.

Taurus-Rabbit (Cat).Balanced, calm, considerate person.He likes the stability and comfort.

Taurus-Dragon.Personality sociable, open, quiet.It knows how to defuse the situation, easily goes to the contact with the company since it comfortable.

Taurus Snake.Earth, practical, rational man, soberly evaluate themselves and others.

Taurus-Horse.Strong, brave, intelligent, business-like personality, self-confidence.The successful combination of horoscopes and zodiacal east.

Taurus-Goat.Calm and peace-loving people.It has artistry, mask changes depending on the situation.

Taurus-Monkey.Cheerful, positive person, with the quick and crafty.Stands firm on his feet.

Taurus-Rooster.Man kind, compassionate, sociable.He likes to look impressive, it does not seek to change.

Taurus-Dog.Honest, loyal, peaceful, optimistic personality, as well as observation and meticulous.

Taurus-Pig.Kind, generous, cheerful, calm and patient person.He was lucky.

characteristic sign of Gemini in conjunction with the Eastern horoscope

Gemini-Rat.This person is active, energetic zest for life.With all find a common language.

Gemini-Taurus.Sociable and cheerful man, surrounded by friends.Storehouse of fresh ideas.

Twins-Tigers.A person full of energy, positive, wit.He has many friends, it is always in the spotlight.

Gemini-Rabbit (Cat).Peaceful, Responsible, thoughtful people.It takes up challenges, acts decisively and quickly.

Twin Dragons.Business man, intelligent and insightful.Different determination.

Gemini-Snake.Energetic, dynamic, bright personality, full of enthusiasm at the same time - disciplined and collected.

Gemini-Horse.A controversial person changeable and fickle in their beliefs.A complex combination of horoscopes and zodiacal east.

Gemini-Goat.Sociable, bright, lively, full development and curious personality.

Gemini-Monkey.This man - the soul of the company.He is cheerful, sociable, witty.

Gemini-Rooster.Natura attractive, but incomprehensible.The mood and opinion changes very quickly.

Gemini-Dog.Heart, dedicated, reliable and fair man.

Gemini-Pig.Personality inquisitive and insightful.Trying to cover everything often gets into silly situations.

Feature sign Cancer in conjunction with the Eastern horoscope

Cancer-Rat.Charming and nice person.Attracts people, he conveys his emotions.

Cancer-Taurus.Egoist, about themselves and their feelings thinking first.

Cancer-Tiger.Interesting, extraordinary, sociable person with a sense of humor.However, this person irascible, authoritarian, he demands a lot of attention, craves power.

Cancer-Rabbit (Cat).It has obstinate, wayward character.These people are stubborn and capricious, but looks very nice and attractive.

Cancer Dragon.Peaceful, quiet, friendly, open and self-confident person.

Cancer-Snake.People under this combination of dodgy characters, agile.Skillfully uses her sexuality and the art of seduction.

Cancer-Horse.Personality sensitive, vulnerable, secretive, not very sociable.

Cancer-Goat.This man is different ambiguity and inconstancy.He is touchy, vulnerable, he often changes the mood.

Cancer-Monkey.Active, cheerful person, but inside the vulnerable.

Cancer-Rooster.Interesting conversationalist, sociable, shrewd.

Cancer-Dog.A passionate, emotional.This person is prone to gambling, chasing pleasures, very easy to give in to temptations.

Cancer-Pig.Personality shrewd, disciplined, relatively closed, subject to mood swings.

Feature sign Leo combined with oriental horoscope

Leo-Rat.Personality charming, charismatic, intelligent, strong, able to subjugate others.

Lion Bull.Gordeliy, stubborn, fearless.It puts major goals and achieve them.

Lion-Tiger.Very bright personality, has a sense of humor stands out in any company.

Leo-Rabbit (Cat).The charismatic, headstrong, ambitious man.It has developed intellect and strong character.

lion-dragon.Very attractive, charming, charismatic, positive, witty personality.

Lion-Serpent.Tricky resourceful people, but it can be seen and nice to get out of any situation.Ambiguous combination of horoscopes and zodiacal east.

Lion Horse.Sensual, passionate, emotional, cheerful people.Tries around to see only advantages.

lion-goat.Personality is calm, peaceful, but at the same time strong, energetic and sensitive.

Leo-Monkey.Charismatic strong man, with a sense of humor, pleasant to talk to, very generous.

Leo-Rooster.Natura charming, sociable, generous.

Lion Dog.It may be a leader or inspiration for people.Very strong personality, energetic and bright.

Lion Pig.This man has an upbeat, cheerful disposition, friendliness, leadership qualities.

Feature sign Virgo combined with oriental horoscope

Virgo-Rat.It is well-groomed, attentive to the appearance, pleasant to talk to.

Virgo-Ox.A rational and skeptical person.Avoid changes and innovations.

Virgin-Tiger.This gallant man, intelligent, neat, pleasant communication, friendly.

Virgo-Rabbit (Cat).A person aspiring to knowledge, loves to learn, cultivate, develop.

Virgo Dragon.Always count only on themselves.It possesses the professional qualities and talents.As a rule, it succeeds.

Virgo-Snake.Harmonious and sincere person, neat, purposeful, punctual.

Virgo-Goat.The intelligent person, a bit boring.He likes to criticize.

Virgo-Monkey.Responsible and honest man, pleasant to talk to.It has a carefree and cold at the same time.

Virgo-Rooster.Personality attractive, active, shrewd, selective in friendship.

Virgo-Dog.Devotee reasonable person, sociable, interesting, able to smooth out conflicts.

Virgo-Pig.Generous, sociable, friendly, positive person.

Characteristics Libra combined with oriental horoscope

Libra-Rat.It possesses and diplomacy and charm, can benefit.

scales Bull.Holistic, harmonious, very positive person.

Libra-Tiger.The man is bright, cheerful, loves to chat.

Libra-Rabbit (Cat).Personality charming, sociable, attractive.The successful combination of horoscopes and zodiacal east.

Libra Dragon.Man uncommunicative, closed stores thoughts and emotions in themselves.

scales snake.The peculiar, intriguing man.It has a way of thinking, the world sees in his own way.

Libra-Goat.Sociable, emotional person.It has artistic talent and artistic taste.

Libra-Monkey.Soft, balanced, friendly person.It attracts a lot of friends.

Libra-Rooster.Personality charming, cheerful, sociable, has excellent manners.

Libra-Dog.Specific people stable - on the one hand, contradictory - on the other.

Scale Pig.The generous, insightful, considerate person.

Characteristics Scorpio combined with oriental horoscope

Scorpio-Rat.Sweet and charming appearance, but full of emotions inside, quite secretive.

Scorpio-Ox.Imperious and strong man, and vindictive, cunning, cunning.

Scorpio-Tiger.Personality charismatic, charming, glamorous, bright, humorous.

Scorpio-Rabbit (Cat).He knows how to influence people, deftly imposing their own point of view.

Scorpio-Dragon.It is a complex combination.This storm of emotions, both positive and negative.

Scorpio-Snake.Quite a controversial person.His features menyayutsya- aggressiveness and love of peace, tranquility and deceit, emotional and composure.

Scorpio-Horse."Cry Wolf", purposeful and energetic.

Scorpio-Goat.Strong and bright personality, lively, adventurous.Constantly looking for new emotions.

Scorpio-Monkey.Man charming, energetic, attractive, irresistible, is always in the spotlight.

Scorpio-Rooster.A controversial person.The combination of aggressiveness and a sense of humor, pride and independence.

Scorpio-Dog.Incredulous, overly cautious person.Different suspicious, afraid to make decisions.

Scorpio-Pig.Attractive, sociable, active, energetic person without complexes.

Feature sign Sagittarius combined with oriental horoscope

Sagittarius-Rat.Charming and sociable person, honest and open, even straightforward.

Sagittarius-Ox.Cheerful, friendly, conflict-free personality.

Sagittarius-Tiger.Sincere, cheerful, energetic man, the soul of the company.

Sagittarius-Rabbit (Cat).Pretty good combination - quiet, merry, cheerful, personality.Valuing family.

Sagittarius-Dragon.A man of strong-willed and strong, positive and determined.Achieve goals.

Sagittarius-Snake.Strong personality, but bold and impulsive.In her life, the ups downs replaced.

Sagittarius-Horse.The man is special, he lives in a world of adventure games.It remains an eternal child.

Sagittarius-Goat.Talented, ambitious, purposeful, freedom-loving people.He is full of energy, eager to new emotions and adventures.

Sagittarius-Monkey.Personality positive, charming, friendly, active.The soul of any company.

Sagittarius-Rooster.The bright, sociable person, however, an honest, frank and straightforward.

Sagittarius-Dog.Friendly, cheerful, self-sufficient person.Different honesty and straightforwardness.

Sagittarius-Pig.She likes to be the center of attention, do not miss the party.Sociable and cheerful person.

Characteristics Capricorn combined with oriental horoscope

Capricorn-Rat.Balanced, discreet, shrewd man.It is pleasant in dialogue, selective in friendship.

Capricorn-Ox.Very persistent, rational, stubborn person.Quickly and easily solve any questions.

Capricorn-Tiger.Great combination that gives a person intuition, analytical mind, energetic, sociable.

Capricorn-Rabbit (Cat).Man contradictory and ambiguous.

Capricorn Dragon.Personality strong, multi-faceted.He likes to win, but also knows how to play.

Capricorn-Snake.This man loves solitude, avoids contact, likes to think and analyze.

Capricorn-Horse.Hard-working, persistent, purposeful, responsible, enduring identity.It has a logical mind, creativity, know how to plan.

Capricorn-goat.Very persistent, purposeful, focused and responsible person.

Capricorn-Monkey.Harmonious, extraordinary personality.A very successful combination of horoscopes and zodiacal east.

Capricorn-Rooster.A man with strong leadership skills, confident, pursue larger targets.

Capricorn-Dog.The friendly, relaxed, friendly personality, quite open and sensitive.

Capricorn-Pig.Generous, good-natured, sincere man, at the same time ambitious.

Feature sign Aquarius in conjunction with the Eastern horoscope

Aquarius-Rat.Very unusual, even mysterious combination.The secretive people, it is difficult to guess what he has in mind and the soul.

Aquarius-Ox.Great romantic.However, it has big ambitions and big goals.

Aquarius-Tiger.Funny attractive people.