Ancient and modern Muslim holidays

Initially Muslim holidays were the most modest, few and undistinguished on the background of the pompous celebrations, which is famous for the Christian religion.Perhaps, in those days it happened because Islam was and still is the youngest of the world religions.Prophet Muhammad claimed that any marking the triumph of a man attached to the religion from which it originates.That is why all Muslims strictly was prohibited to hold such events.

But soon people Homesick and Muhammad defined the holidays of Muslims who established themselves in the Islamic dogma, and are still valid today.It should be noted that such events were not bright ceremony are so accustomed to our world.Rather, they can be compared with the moments of worship of Allah, prayers and requests to the Muslim God.

So, going back in history, we see that the most ancient and important Muslim holiday - Bayram.Translated into Russian, it means "celebration", so it is a component of many ceremonies held in the Islamic world.The very first of those considered Ramadan Bayram - during the breaking of the strict fasting and Eid al Fitr him - a celebration, during which sacrifices made in the name of Allah.

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Modern Muslim holidays slightly expanded its list, but definitely not gone away from religion.The main triumph of the modern Islamic world is Ashura.It is celebrated the 10th of Muharram, in honor of the commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, at the time when any war, riots and quarrels between people is prohibited.Also, due to the fact that Muharram - the first month of the year (according to the lunar calendar).By the way, on the occasion of Ashura is often the same as the Lunar New Year.

But at the end of the year celebrations Muslims are downright bloodthirsty character.In the 12th month - Dhu al-Hijjah, everyone needs to sacrifice one animal from their livestock (sheep, camel).Such an event has already been mentioned in the article - it is about the Kurban Bairam.It is believed that the spirit of a dead animal, and go all the sins and misfortunes which accompanied man throughout the year.

One of the most mysterious events of the Islamic nation is the Miraj.It is celebrated in honor of the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad's journey to Jerusalem.There, according to legend, he went riding on Buraq (magical beast, consisting of horse and body of a female head).Once on top of the Holy Land, he met Allah, who gave him all the knowledge necessary for the life and prosperity of the Muslims.This significant date falls on the 27 th day of the 7th lunar month.

previously noted in the East of Ramadan Bayram now became known in some sources as the Muslim holiday - Eid al.According to the lunar calendar it falls on the 1st Shavval (10th month) and is considered one of the brightest.On this day, people are moving away from strict fasting and can enjoy a variety of foods.Most of these dishes come in the squares of cities and accompanied by colorful parades.