Poet era - Pushkin Who is the sign of the zodiac?

annually on June 6, poetry lovers celebrate an important date - the birthday of Pushkin.Zodiac, under which glittered the star of Russian culture - Gemini.This is important to understand the strings of the soul of the great genius of the age.

Poetry astrology

hot summer of 1799.Pushkin was born.Who zodiac sign small nobleman - the question for the time rhetorically.That no one was interested.A child growing up, a lot of silence, and the age of six suddenly became very lively.

Little Sasha - a typical Gemini.An inquiring mind and thirst for knowledge awakened him very early.Terrible Hermes patronizes sign and poet.Everything comes easy.Love of reading emerged with tales Arina and the poet remained until his death.

Astrology currently opened with another book Pushkin himself.Who zodiac sign it - his first question posed distant luminaries.However, the poet did not attach great significance to this acquired knowledge, but rather amused Alexander.

fateful prophecy

Predictions filled the fate of Pushkin suddenly, at the turn of the twentieth year of life, when he jokingly asked him to tell fortunes for the future German woman Kirchhoff.Nothing indicated improbable events, but they occurred.The prophecies coming true fortune-teller in the day, when an old friend of the poet gave him back the forgotten card debt.This was followed by a whole chain of fulfilled omens that somehow mocking Pushkin plunged into superstition.

analyzing the dates in the life of the poet, it is safe to say that the "devil's six" present everywhere, starting with birth and ending with his death: he was the 666th died lyceum students.

Kirchhoff was the first point of contact for the prediction of Pushkin.Who zodiac sign this young man as his date of birth - once asked a Greek friend of the poet.First divination was on the cards, the second - by the stars.Both predictions agree that Pushkin died at the age of thirty-seven years.

Death from the "white head"

Few people know that the young dandy Alexander learned about his future once more, to get married to Ekaterina Ushakova.Then the fortune teller told him that the cause of death would be the wife of the poet.The engagement was canceled.Later, Pushkin married the only museum in his life, which truly loved.Wedding Natalie Goncharova was full of "bad omen."Alexander said it for himself, but did not change anything.

so happened that in January 1837 met in a deadly duel Dantes white-haired and Pushkin.

Who zodiac sign rival poet?The fate of this or psychogenic program running prophecy in mind the inspired Alexander?Pushkin would help such knowledge, no one really say.

astrology and numerology are inclined to believe that everything is preordained fate manages people, not vice versa.Although there are options for correcting situations.Based on the facts, it's safe to say only that three different people predicted the death of Pushkin's prophecy came true.By the way, the reason for the duel was the wife of the poet, and the destruction was adopted by the "white head".

prophet of his age

inimitable genius blew up literature published in large editions so far - Alexander Pushkin, Zodiac sign determined by its way of life, creative direction, the strength of the soul and thoughts.The poet would not be so popular if he had not subtle heart strings.His poems do not leave anyone indifferent, easy to remember and often predict.Superstitious poet, prophet, joker, joker - all Alexander Pushkin.Zodiac - Gemini, combining feminine and masculine, allowed the poet always be different and infinitely loved.

Pushkin himself has repeatedly appealed to the stars in the verses, studying them through astrology.These cosmic light fills somehow his life.Alexander Sergeyevich compared with Nostradamus.And he and the other based on the truth, a great space open to them.The only difference is that Pushkin expounding prophecies in verse form, and Nostradamus - in the Centuries.

How can you not believe in Pushkin, if there is an archive that he led.Entries submitted it indicate "great weariness of the people" in 1988, the changes associated with it, and widespread loss products.Even if the prophecy of the poet - the myth is to believe in them.