Holy War in Islam

Jihad, or holy war in Islam, for most people has a clear association with the armed struggle.But in fact, this concept has a much broader meaning.Jihad - is not only a war of faith in Islam, it is, first of all, fighting with itself, with its vices and the evils of society, such as social injustice, lack of confidence and aggression.The very same word Jihad in Arabic means "zeal" - a concept that applies to any effort in life, that is,overcome.And only in case of danger for the faith that effort should be directed at military operations.That is, not the most complete definition which has a holy war in Islam, and is considered a major non-Muslims have.

Some theorists of Islam divided the world into two parts - the Dar al-Islam (ie, the area where the spread of Islam and ruled by Muslims) and Dar al-Harb (war region, home to the Gentiles).According to their theory, the first part must always be at war with the second part, and the warriors of Islam should not be in a truce more than 10 consecutive years


accepted that at a time when Islam first came and won adherents and territories holy war was primarily a struggle for the establishment and spread of the new religion, and participate in jihad for Muslims was the straight road to paradise.But we should not forget that the original Prophet Muhammad urged his supporters not to force the infidels to convert to their religion.He spoke about the power of persuasion.Only after the early Muslims began attacking, holy war was sanctioned as a means of defense, and then - as a means of attack.

Thus in the period of Islam, the holy war in Islam wore peacefully value - self-improvement, the struggle with their own vices and the salvation of his soul.And only in the Medina period holy war becomes a war in the true sense of the word, but also goes into the category of duties of a true Muslim.During the life of the Prophet Muhammad holy war in Islam waged against Arab polytheists and those who retreated from Islam.It was only after his death it turned into a war against neighboring states.

Regardless of what is meant by the holy war at a time when this concept has just appeared, and now, and for a long period of Islam, many Muslim theorists have used jihad as a serious psychological pressure on Muslim believers.To attract them to jihad and, accordingly, to the spread of Islam, they cited as an argument those verses of the Koran that say that jihad is necessary in order to go to heaven.And no righteous life will not help a Muslim to reach heaven, if he avoids holy war.

However, due to many reasons a unified theory of jihad for Muslims there.Sometimes war against enemies of the faith against apostates and those who encroach on Islamic states, as well as other kinds of jihad.In every Muslim country and almost every theorist of Islam has its own interpretation of the holy war.In fact, the Jihad is often performed and executes political rather than a religious role.

To summarize, there are several kinds of holy war.First of all, it is a war with his vices (jihad of the heart);further - the jihad language, the essence of which is to ban the behest of good and evil.There Jihad hands - punishment committed a crime, and, finally, the same jihad of the sword - the fight against the infidels.

This is considered a great jihad holy war with itself.According to the theorists of Islam, the greater jihad is much more difficult small (the fight against the infidels).Self-education and self-improvement - that's considered by many Muslim theologians, the way to paradise.