Classification of management - the key to a healthy atmosphere in the team

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To team worked well, you need to properly manage it.A control system is already based on special methods.Under the management methods to understand ways to influence the team to coordinate its normal during operation.Operational and staff working together will reach the target company, leading to increased business profits.

To date, there is the following classification of management:

1. organizational and regulatory, or administrative.This method is based on the maintenance of discipline, coercion, authority and responsibility.The organization is based on the work of its employees and the unquestioning execution of all orders of the authorities.Organizational and administrative methods are based on the direct impact on the managed object.This is achieved by issuing orders, decrees, orders and instructions in writing or orally.All of them are aimed at maintaining discipline within the team.To stabilize the staff need clarity, which is achieved by administrative means.The activity of each employee's job description is governed.And the work of the whole team - labor legislation.

Since the administrative methods include organizational and administrative, there are two kinds of effects.Classification management involves organizational impact, which is carried out through a system of internal documents: the charter organization, staffing provisions for the department, the internal regulations, collective agreements, job descriptions and others.For regulatory impact just carry orders, directives and instructions.This method aims to achieve impact goals.

2. Economic methods.Classification management practices are among them economic planning and promotion, as well as lending.With these methods achieved the progressive development of the enterprise.

3. Socio-psychological methods.Classification of methods of quality management takes into account that the participants of this method are the people.Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the psychological characteristics of performers.The main methods are: motivation by example, suggestion, persuasion, encouragement, provision of a favorable climate in the collective regulation of relations in the team.The task manager - to create an atmosphere in the team, which will positively affect the disclosure of all positive qualities that can be useful for the production and will eventually lead to an increase in the efficiency of the enterprise.Classification of Control provides that the basis of the socio-psychological methods are the laws of these two spheres.Exploring the psychology of human behavior, a change in its action and methods of identifying conditions that affect an individual.Sociology expands the scope of the concept of the individual, bringing together several people into a team.

classification management is effective only if the company operate all three methods.This approach allows us to evaluate the situation on three sides and prevent failures that would lead to a deterioration of the enterprise.