Identifying customer needs - what is it and how does it happen?

Identify the needs of their customers - this is an extremely important stage in the development of their sales strategy.The ability to correctly identify all the needs of their potential clients enables us to find a completely individual approach to each client, who decided to take advantage of your service or buy your product.

This article will be considered:

  • How to determine the needs of each individual customer and to carry out sales of technology tailored to each of those factors identified.
  • How to ask the right questions in order to identify the needs of the particular client or his expectations
  • How to develop your own listening skills in a practical way.

To do this, the following questions will be explored:

  • What are the needs of the buyer, who came to the point of sale and what is the purpose of his visit.
  • types of questions asked.
  • How then will need to secure the information.
  • main ideas on this issue.
  • What you need to take action.

What are the priorities and needs of each customer or sales manager?

In fact, despite the fact that this question may seem quite simple, not everyone can answer or answers incorrectly.

customer priorities:

  • What are my needs?
  • What do I get in the end?
  • Which items I can offer or what services I offer here?
  • Why should I buy here?

Priorities Seller

  • consumer and maximum satisfaction of all its needs.
  • advantages of our point of sale and the value of such benefits for the buyer.
  • ideas, goods and services.

How is the identification of human needs?

for good discovery necessarily follow the identification of the needs of each client.It is necessary that the customer will eventually told us about his current situation in life - that he told us about their interests, financial position and other factors.It is said that such stories from the buyer in the previous step must necessarily be generated interest in the product and be provided some motivation, but in this case he will be able to share relevant information.The seller must be sure to hold the identification of needs, and with the help of Buyers will probably have a little better understanding of their own.

for each particular buyer, the seller must be sure to find meet all its needs properties of the goods, as well as all of its competitive advantages.In this case, the definition of the needs already identified the buyer will play a role, then it recognizes the need to use for yourself all these benefits and more quickly take the final decision.The seller, who holds a permanent identification of the needs of the buyer, there is some possibility to expand its business, as well as finding all sorts of other areas, which also can be used its services or products.

On the basis of all the information received the maximum a person can understand for themselves what exactly what his proposals will cause people some interest, because he already knows the basic methods of determining the need for working capital and methods for their rational use.Often at this stage may be some impression that the range does not get a particular service or product, which could increase sales, the seller even a beginner can complete the conversation with the customer.Just show all the possibilities of your situation right now is not enough, you need to present absolutely all the factors that could indicate the buyer need your services or products.