How to sit in the lotus position?

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Whence went yoga?What is its essence and, most importantly, how to master one of the main asan- like to sit in the lotus position?On these and other questions we will respond on.Doing yoga, a person develops a variety of asanas, that is posture for meditation and health improvement.But it's not all that yoga can give.First of all, this is a special way to achieve union with the supreme intelligence.According to one version, yoga has been given to people Shiva, one of the supreme gods, and which is considered the main yogi.Through the exercises a person can be perfect, according to the Hindus.

Is yoga was given to people Siva, whether born of his spontaneous dance at a wedding, or was transferred to the descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria, is not known.But what is the oldest system of healing and self-improvement, is beyond doubt.This is confirmed by archaeological finds.So, on the sets of bas-reliefs and stone tablets scientists have found images of people in asanas.Documentary evidence of yoga were first discovered in the Rig Veda.It first described the relationship between man, nature and the need to achieve harmony between them.Then the triumphant march continued through writing yoga Upanishads.There was raised the topic of life cycles and the fundamental questions of life and death, man's place in the world.But a flourishing yoga was due Patanadzhi, who wrote the famous Yoga Sutras.But despite the antiquity of the system, year after year yoga practitioners faced with the question of how to sit in the lotus position.After all, what seems so easy, in practice, the strength is not for everyone.

How to sit in the lotus position, and what does it depend?

To perform this asana need some training.Hindus believe that the lotus position the first time it turns out people, pure soul.In other words, your success depends on the state of energy.But not everything depends on lofty matters.More often, the problem lie in the inherent characteristics of the organism, or in the absence of stretching.Sometimes the structure of the hip joint is that to sit in the lotus position seems impossible, but in practice there is no one who does not have coped with this task, albeit with some delay.In order to prepare the ligaments and tendons to the development of the main yoga exercises, it is necessary to spend some time.

Not all succeed in the lotus position to feel comfortable and relaxed.Over time, the ligaments become more elastic, and the feeling of tension and discomfort will pass.Lotus pose, properly executed, has beneficial effects on physical, mental and energetic state of a person.

How to sit in the lotus position without discomfort?

As mentioned above, the most important thing - stretching and preparatory exercises.The better warmed up and stretched tendons and ligaments, the less the risk of injury, the easier it is to do the exercise.By the way, yoga practitioners are wrong when they say that they "stretch the muscles."Muscle tissue is basically unable to stretch.All exercises are aimed at increasing joint mobility and elasticity of tendons.Consider the most effective preparatory exercises.They will also help to understand what it looks like the lotus posture.Photos allow greater understanding of the exercises.

Exercise №1.The slopes to the outstretched leg

Sit on the floor and extend one leg forward and the second bend and place on the thigh.Grab the toe straight leg with both hands and a soft spring, begin to bend, trying to touch the feet are not the forehead and stomach and chest.It will be, to put it mildly, unpleasant.

But it is important to observe the golden mean, do not overdo it and do not give themselves excessive indulgences.Follow the rules that follow in training fighters of Kung Fu: Do a little more than what you can.But yoga is not yoga would be, whether that simple.This system does not provide for themselves through the victory over the pain.More specifically, the yoga teaches how to sit in the lotus position, without doing violence to themselves.It's all about breathing.When bend the leg, take a long breath for eight seconds.Hold this position.Then, straightening up, exhale on 4 counts.Repeat on the other leg, and then bend down to two elongated legs.

Exercise №2.The leg on the thigh

This exercise is similar to the previous one, but is working on other bundles.Starting position - sitting on the floor, but the left foot is placed on the right hip and knee slightly attracted to her hands.

Exercise №3.Study of the hip joints with a slope

Its name - "Butterfly".To perform sit on the floor, bend your legs and pull your foot connected to him.Grasp their hands and lean slightly forward.At first it would seem that it is impossible to do an exercise, but eventually lost power, it becomes easier.

Exercise №4."Butterfly" by hand

This exercise - modification of the previous one.It prepares the hip joints to the correct position in Padmasana.It practically does not cause discomfort, it can be done while watching TV.The starting position is the same.But instead of leaning forward hands need to put pressure on the knees, bringing them to the floor.Then grasp the foot and strength of muscles rhythmically lower the knees to the floor.During the exercise you are "slipped" pain point, as a result of doing it completely nebolno.

Exercise №5.Stretching ankle

Responding to a question about how to sit in the lotus position, it should be noted that in this asana attended not only by ligaments of the pelvis, and ankle.Therefore, this exercise is directed at the development of the group.It is performed as follows.Sit on a chair and put his feet under him, so that fingers appeared pressed to the floor.Then the light springy movements 10 times push the foot to the floor to feel the tension of the ligament.Another option exercise is shown in the photo.The leg with which we are working, is placed on the thigh bent second leg.

Exercise №6.Sample asanas

After a month of regular exercise, you can try to sit in the lotus position.To do this, bend the right leg and put her foot up on the thigh of the left leg.Do the same with the other leg.According to the description may not be clear to everyone how to sit in the lotus position.Photos will help you navigate.If you sit in Padmasana still very difficult, try to start the half lotus.In this asana, one leg on the thigh is the other, and the second is like a normal seat.Another embodiment of the simplified lotus - just cross your legs "in Turkish."

Exercise №7.Touching

floor belly sitting on the floor, legs apart as far as possible.Reach out to first one leg, then another.Finally, lean forward and touch the belly floor, keeping your legs straight.Most likely, once complete the exercise will not work, since it requires a high level of training and stretching.Even if you sit on the cross strings, there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

main difficulty - to ensure that the socks have been directed upwards at an inclination.This depends on the position of the hip joint during exercise.If you work, then you are almost understood how to sit in the lotus position.

Exercise №8.Working with energy

This exercise is more energetic and not physical.The maximum relax and imagine that from space you poured a stream of golden light that fills every cell of the body.Now imagine how to do, such as padmasana.Mentally Feel the movement of each muscle, each joint.Then slowly open your eyes and go to sleep.

regularly this exercise in conjunction with daily practice and warm-up will help to sit in the lotus position.Its effectiveness is based on the assertion of classical yoga, that our consciousness - a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.Consequently, it can control our physical body.No matter how fantastic it may seem, the possibility of the human brain is not yet fully understood.In addition, a group of volunteers who, in addition to training, mentally continued to work on themselves, showed better results than the second group of athletes who participated in one study of American Scientists.

Exercise №9.We work with a chair

Starting position - sitting on the floor with legs extended, or on a chair.The second option is even more preferable.Put your foot right foot on the left thigh muscle strength and try to put the knee of the bent leg so that the foot was the result turned up.Change legs and continue to do.

Precautions yoga

Yes, many attracted by the lotus posture.How to get in?Photos of asana is really a feeling of simplicity.Meanwhile yoga - it's not just stretching.The asanas are involved not only the ligament, but the joints, which often move in an unusual direction.

no warm-up and preparation of many poses simply traumatic and threaten to fracture.Therefore, instructors and speak about the inadmissibility of stress and excessive pain.Remember, yoga is incompatible with violence, especially violence against them.