Taurus (child): complete response

not only the name defines certain aspects of the personality, and even the fate of man.In this case also need to take attention to the horoscope.Let the skeptics to this statement are not too positive, yet experience shows that this division of the people takes place.Today I want to talk specifically about children.Child-Taurus: What is a baby, and how it will be different from their peers - and it will continue it.

General on children bullock

So, what is he, a child - a representative of the sign of the zodiac?Initially, it should be noted that it is "earthly" kids.That is its element is earth.They are generally calm and perseverance.However, different persistence and even to some extent stubbornness.I am sure it should be noted that such babies need Verde flooring underfoot and reliable rear.That's why kids-Taurus always appreciate his family and consider it a mainstay of life.But, despite this, the smallest member of this zodiac sign autonomous and independent from their parents.They can not stand to be led.Do not be surprised if they will be forced to respond to aggression and extreme dissatisfaction.

Yet it should be noted that the Taurus child - a calm and balanced person.Very rarely break and they are nervous, inconvenience parents and others.If not for the stubborn, this sign could be called perfect.These kids never fight with their peers, giving them almost everything.But this does not mean that they can not fend for themselves.Such precedents would happen, but rarely.After all, Taurus is very patient and able to endure insults for a long time and other inconveniences.It should also be said that the baby Taurus always intercede for the weaker.Even if you have to go against the one who is stronger or smarter.These kids are not afraid of difficulties, it is important that justice always prevailed.

And another very important point: Taurus child appreciates comfort.So the kids just need to live in good conditions, delicious to eat and enjoy their lives.Representatives of this sign of the zodiac do not need much, but at least comfortable they always should be.

Games & Entertainment

How fun and what will get involved Taurus child?Initially, it is worth recalling that it was quiet kids.And the game they have to be the same.Ideal so kids will approach the game with the designer, folding puzzles.These fun for a long time, carry away this child, giving parents peace of mind and relaxation.Taurus is also very fond of reading.Prefer mainly fiction and fairy tales.You should not deny them this.After all, the representatives of this sign really like to live in a fantasy world.

important to note that Taurus child - a creative person.Such crumbs can try many things until they find something that is really interesting and exciting.It can be almost anything: drawing, modeling plasticine or clay, wood carving, burning, embroidery, sewing, dancing, singing, and so on. D. If the baby is at first sight no such exhibit, you should try to find himhobby.After all, creativity - this is one of the most important paths in life representatives of this zodiac sign.

Important: Taurus by nature endowed with a good voice.They love to sing and do it very willingly.If the work on the voice of a child, Taurus, can come out of it a great singer.


consider further horoscope and zodiac.Taurus child is also important to note most likeable or attractive.These kids always have a special feature of the exterior, which attracts attention.It can be plump lips, big eyes, fluffy eyelashes and golden curls.One thing is certain: such crumbs everywhere and always will be admired by others.But in this there is a drawback: these children are often exposed to a foreign power.And unfortunately, not always positive.

Mites-Taurus always stocky, low.They have strong arms, legs, body.The same applies to girls.The eyes of these children mostly dark, deep-set.However, even in early childhood, they know how to look good, because they have an innate sense of style.At older ages, as a teenager, for Taurus is very important to dress well.This does not mean that children will chase fashion.On the contrary, they dress as they like.In spite of everything, and not listening to the opinion of others.It is worth noting that it is among the bulls are so many weirdos and unusual personalities.

Child Taurus girl looks to be far from the modern ideal.It is not tiny and fragile beauty, which can be called Thumbelina.However, this does not mean that such baby looks unattractive.They have a charm and charisma that often more important than the slim figure.It is important to note that these girls often find themselves in the sport, reached the top in this field.

About family

What else is interesting Taurus (sign)?Children are, as already mentioned above, appreciate your family.Relatives of them - the main thing in life, while the other kids more important than friends and fun.Parents of such children are not only the authority but also the best companions.Taurus your mom and dad love and respect, no matter what.We should not forget that these kids - kinesthetic.They are very important bodily contact.Therefore, they should be as often as possible to embrace, to caress.In the early childhood as often as possible, they should feel my mother, because of that in the first year of life may seem capricious.

If several children in the family, Taurus in different situations may behave differently.The elder brother (sister) Taurus - it is almost the same parent who will take care of the kids full, incurring the full responsibility for their lives and health.On these kids can always rely on, leaving behind the main house.However, if there is a relative of the Taurus-the weather, in which case it may be difficult.A child may sometimes behave selfishly refusing to share their toys.But it's all because of jealousy, fighting for the attention of parents.Such children should not criticize, they just need to show that they are also loved as a second child.After that, the spirit of competition should disappear, and the family to make peace and tranquility.

It should also be remembered that the crumb-Taurus does not like to change.For him the important stability and consistency.The frequent change of residence - it is not for these kids.They even hard to leave your home for a while, for example, to travel on vacation.During the administration of the stress they are experiencing, and to some extent even despair.However, after a while, everything comes back to normal.Go back to those same kids in his father's house with great joy.In the absence of often bored, as if wondering on vacation however.

consider further horoscope.Child-Taurus, as has been said above, it is very much attached to the house.That is why it is often very difficult to make a step towards something new.Especially in older age.This should help him parents.Such children from an early age should be given to the various clubs, in the studio and on the courses that they have visited a variety of places, did not dwell on his house.And if at first this kid can resist it, he later precisely for that say "thank you."


What else is different Taurus child?Characteristic of this sign suggests that such good kids in school.If desired, they can even be honors.However, for them it is not typical.Taurus will study only the science that they like, and to one's soul.What is interesting, they will just "take."

Since Taurus love order and bad attitude to change, for their high school years can be the golden time.Although initially the process of habituation may be delayed (it is the first-graders), then everything will be as well.These are children that will not break the rules and will never go against the system.Therefore, they are always looking for teachers.Taurus always has good relations with their peers without having enemies or detractors.

As for favorite items, do not forget that the Taurus - the representatives of the earth element.They practice to the bone.Therefore they like science and practical, not theoretical.These children will never understand the philosophy or rhetoric, but the physics or chemistry can become a close friend of his.

Do not forget that Taurus is very slow.They learn to be nice, but not all are able to grasp "on the fly".In order to understand they need a little more time than other students.However, they are able to compensate for this good memory and perseverance.

Attention: Taurus never be punished for the sluggishness, it can not be customized.It is for these kids can turn into stress.After such incidents kids can lose faith in themselves and their forces, to take the uncertainty and complexes.So with the evaluation of their activities need to be very careful to not knowingly hurt or offend.


consider further signs of the zodiac.Taurus child is different from other children the desire to eat well.If early childhood all the kids refuse to eat, the representatives of this sign, on the contrary, like a good meal.Moreover, they tend to overeat.And it often causes a problem such as obesity and weight gain.

Very fond of children with sweets Taurus.They simply can not imagine life without something tasty.But they also enjoy a variety of fruits.They especially love strawberries and melon.And all because it's probably the sweetest berries.

to material

Child Taurus boy, however, as the girl - it is very thrifty child.They have nothing never breaks, does not deteriorate and is not lost.They very carefully to all his possessions are.They are economical and are not capable of squandering.These kids never imagine nothing more will not buy, wanting podsobrat money on something big and worthwhile.And they manage it without problems.However, its tangible assets, such kids will not spend on gifts to relatives, even the closest.They put aside their "for later" and be sure to yourself.

fears and negative traits

It should be noted that the Taurus is very afraid of change.For them, it's probably the worst thing that can happen in life.They are very attached to the people, places, way of life.And reluctantly tolerate change.Any termination of relationship they are going through a very difficult, and this in spite of the age.Taurus is very difficult to adapt to new circumstances.In adulthood, at the home of a man will always be something from childhood, to remind them of the father's house.

also need to say that it is very thrifty kids.And often it is they even goes beyond all permissible limits, side by side with greed.To eliminate this negative trait, such a child should be taught to share a very early age.

Well, the main drawback children Taurus - is stubbornness.However, it is not seen too often, if only so the kids do not contradict at the slightest pretext.Otherwise, the child may do the opposite just to get their way.

few words about girls

The special child-Taurus girl?These babes are very thrifty, they are attached to the house, and even in their teens will not walk at night.Because girls are representatives of this sign grow excellent future good wife and mother.After all, they are not used to argue and clash.It is easier to obey than to seek his.

girls that mark also does not seek to be the first in the company or school.But they do, and so successful, because they are very good and often beautiful.Among the representatives of this sign make excellent swimmers and track and field athletes.

few words about boys

What is it, baby Taurus boy?Guys, at first glance, may seem to mumble and mama's boy.However, this is not the case.For them, the parents - the strongest authority, that is true.But his own head and they have on their shoulders.Boys of this sign is very slow and quiet, they do not like the brutal guys that are so popular with the girls in their teens.However, these children grow up great husbands and fathers.This should not be forgotten.

combination of the two horoscopes

So in the end I want to say a few words about what the kids can be, depending on the membership of the eastern horoscope.

Taurus and rats.These kids can not sit still, despite his outward calm.They are very fond of outdoor games, especially with the ball.The main fear for them - seem ridiculous in the eyes of others.

Taurus and Taurus.These are children who set themselves targets too high.It is strongly dependent on the material, so from childhood trying to make.For example, they can do at home to work for a certain amount of money.Often people try to use their own purposes.However, it is rarely possible.

Taurus and Tiger.These kids are very sensible.They do not seem to be for years the wise and prudent.Do not climb in the first fight and will not argue.Often ambitious to think that they all succeed.This and fired.

Taurus and Ivory.Kids of this combination are very quiet.They couch potatoes to the bone.They do not like companies and society, prefer to stay alone.Unsociable.

Taurus and Dragon.Very modest kids.They had their "I" do not put above others.Prone to self-sacrifice.These kids really want to be first, but they did not succeed.Although the company may occupy the role of "gray cardinal".

Taurus and Snake.These kids really want to seem smart.But the knowledge they have shallow, superficial.They know everything, but little by little.This is their main problem.At school, the teachers like them, but with their peers often do not develop relationships.

Taurus and horses.This kid is responsible.In addition, these kids really want to be helpful to others, doing everything, even to the detriment of themselves.Moderately optimistic estimate their strength deservedly so are never disappointed in their expectations and hopes.

Taurus - Goat.The child of this combination - the thinker.It is ten times deliberately and only on the eleventh - do.It should be noted that this is a very contradictory combination.This child is constantly fighting laziness and the desire to reach a certain height.Child-Taurus, born in the Year of the Goat has a very fickle and sentimental character.For girls, it's not so bad, but the boys with these features will have a lifetime struggle.What else is interesting combination of Taurus Sheep?The child can then go into the full study or hobby.And all in order to prove their worth to others.

Taurus and Monkey.These kids often have an inflated self-image.They believe that all they have to obey.Because of this, and there is a lot of turmoil in the company of peers.They like to work for the public.While in the shower all of them are good guys that nobody ever do evil.

Taurus and Rooster.Such a child - a warrior, a soldier.He should seek to his fight, he was so interesting.If there are no problems such kids they can themselves create and then to the self and resolve.This is a strong-willed kids who have strong character since childhood.

Taurus and dogs.These kids never let anyone hurt.After all, they are before something to say or do, are able to think.Their main problem - the increased caution, which can often play a cruel joke with them.

Taurus and pigs.This is a very rigorous and demanding of himself a child.These kids always look good, they look after his speech.They are very careful, because it is believed that the most important thing in their lives - like the others.