How to practice yoga?

We all know that yoga is - this is a very ancient science.It emerged more than six thousand years ago and has reached our days almost unchanged.Yoga includes a wide range of aspects related and spiritual purification.However, most people know it as a set of specific exercises, called asanas.We offer today to learn how to do yoga for beginners at home.After all, it is not necessary to attend paid employment, it can do on its own.

Yoga: How to start?

First of all, you need to tune in to what you practice regularly.So, it is recommended to engage in yoga at least twice a week for 40 minutes.Of course, it is better that it happened more often - ideally every day.Home Yoga for Beginners in any case should not include complex asanas.Thus, during the first sessions should be carefully monitored and gradually feel better from time to time increase the load.Furthermore, it should be noted immediately that yoga classes where you will practice almost every day, has no relation to medicine, as some believe.Therefore, with the help of it you will not be able to cure all of their ills.However, the performance of asanas is guaranteed to improve your health and your life will bring harmony and peace.

Basic tips for beginners

the question "How do yoga novice?" Many experts, first of all, to answer in one word - "regularly".For example, the habit of constant training is a key factor in achieving success.In this connection, it is recommended to schedule classes in the future make every effort not to break the routine.If you experience discomfort, which does not allow you to bring training to the end, in any case, do not force your body, and do the exercises as much as you can.If your physical condition does not allow you to carry out training, just having come to the place of their employment or imagine it mentally and think about how you are doing here asanas.Thus, we conclude that the key success factor is to develop the habit of being in the same place at the same time.

Yoga: How to start, choose the time

any strict instructions on when to perform the asanas should not.After all, yoga for beginners - this is not the morning run or charge.So, you can exercise at any time, depending on your lifestyle.However, many experts recommend to start classes only when all the work is now over, and you can safely relax both body and mind.In the East, believe that the optimal time for performing asanas is the sunrise and sunset.By the way, it is possible to split the training into two parts: the part of exercises to do, for example, in the morning, and another part - in the evening.The main thing for beginners to yoga brings joy, so in any case, do not force yourself to force exercises.Where

conduct training

Considering the topic of how to practice yoga, you need to find out and where better to do it.Difficulties should arise here.After all, the only criterion to be met place to study - it is a comfort.For example, you can perform the asanas both indoors and outdoors under the open sky.The only thing that you need - this is a small horizontal surface, where you can comfortably stay.If you decide to do in the room, the pre-ventilate it well, and do not resort to the use of perfumes and deodorants.Ideally, of course, stay in nature, but here you can get in the way as random passers-by, and annoying insects, extraneous sounds or bad weather.Chosen for themselves a place to study, be sure to tidy it.

What kind of clothes to choose for employment

asanas suitable for absolutely any clothing in which you feel comfortable, and that does not restrict your movements.If the room where you plan to do, is warm enough, you should be clothed only in the most necessary articles of clothing.If you are afraid to freeze, it should be dressed accordingly.Also do not forget that all yoga exercises are performed either barefoot or in socks.

Exercise and eating

Responding to a question on how to practice yoga, one should also mention that perform the asanas immediately after the meal is impossible.Wait a while until the food is a little bit to learn.Otherwise, heaviness in the stomach will interfere with your concentration.But we should not go to the other extreme and do yoga, experiencing acute hunger.If you have not eaten for a long time, long before the workout snack something.Also, many experts recommend to train yourself to eat soon after the yoga sessions.Thus, your body will tie together the joy and pleasure of exercise and food.Of course, we are talking about ideal.But if your pace of life does not allow to combine exercise with a meal, eat when used to.

Should I tell someone about their occupations?

Despite the increasing popularity of yoga in the modern world today, many people still refer to this practice is ambiguous.If you decide to understand its basics and join the ancient culture, it is advisable to immediately inform your family and friends.First, try to explain to them what the yoga.Otherwise, misunderstandings can happen.So, for example, in the classroom, on which you will be working with voice, your household may think that you are "pulled" into some kind of a religious sect, and, accordingly, will worry about it.Also, do not be lazy to explain to your family that during training you need privacy, peace and quiet.Be as open and honest with them, it helps to avoid speculation and suspicion.

yoga and hydrotherapy

The effectiveness of your workouts will increase significantly if you are in front of them to swim in the sea, lake or swimming pool, or even take a shower.Water treatments are helping us to relax and at the same time it is better to concentrate on performing asanas.If you take a shower before your workout, here there are no recommendations on water temperature - do as you like.In any case, the hot water will help relax the muscles in your body, and the cold will give you the courage and will to tone.After bathing, make sure to thoroughly rub oneself with a towel, and avoid drafts.

Additional points

interesting fact is that, as the yoga your body will be cleaned not only spiritually but also physically.This process may be accompanied by halitosis.You yourself may not be aware of it, but to others it will be noticeable, especially immediately after exercise.It is formed in the digestive system, so brushing your teeth does not help.To neutralize the odor, it is advisable to eat something.Worry about it not worth it especially since after your body has cleared, the problem will disappear without a trace.

We hope that you are truly interested in yoga.Doing this practice at home can absolutely anyone, regardless of fitness level and skills.All you need - a small clean place mat, as well as attitude of success and the desire to achieve harmony with oneself and the world.