Deposits from banks in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan's economy at the moment is in a state of growth.Experts predict further growth and quality of life in Kazakhstan.Therefore, this way of earning extra money as a deposit can be very relevant and interesting.


banks in Kazakhstan's banking system is well developed in the country, so customers can find a huge mass of proposals for the deposits.In what currency can place funds?Analyzing offers of financial institutions, you can find options in the national currency tenge, Russian rubles, US dollars and euros.

Note that in the state there is such a huge number of banks, such as in Ukraine, but from this country's financial system is just wins.At the end of 2014 were valid licenses of 21 banks.

tenge deposits

Let's consider the first options in the Kazakh national currency.For example, deposits "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan".The contribution of "Halyk - universal" can be placed at 9 or 12 months.When placing in the first three quarters of the rate will be 9.5% per annum.If you want to put the money for a year, you'll get when you close the income account in the amount of 10%.Minimum deposit amount 75 000 tenge.Perhaps completion.Vyplachivatsya interest at maturity.

For those who like to receive a monthly income may be interesting version of "People - retirement".Term of deposit - from 6 to 12 months.The interest rate is the same as in the previous version (a standard for Kazakhstan), but provides for capitalization of interest, so you can earn more than 10% per annum (approximately 10.5-10.6%).

dollar deposits

Deposits in dollars Kazakh banks are also attractive for those who want to save their money and still make good money.Bank "RBC" offers foreign currency deposit "for the future."What is it interesting?The minimum deposit is $ 100.Put the money can be for a period of 1 to 3 years.Based on the high level of reliability of the banking system, such long-term deposits are very popular among the population.The rate of interest of 3% per annum.The Bank provides an opportunity to replenish the contribution over the period, as well as to withdraw funds up to a certain level without losing accrued interest.

Bank "Alfa" also accepts deposits in dollars.The interest rate under the terms of the contribution of "Alfa-progress" depends on the period for which the customer places their funds.Money can be put on the 12, 18, 24 months.The rate ranges from 2.3 to 3% per annum.Under the terms of the capitalization of interest occurs.First payment is only $ 100.

deposits in rubles

Favorable bank deposits in rubles Kazakhstan interests of thousands of customers.We will satisfy their curiosity.Take the same "Alpha-Progress," his version of the ruble.Perhaps the interest rate of 3% per annum is not so much more, but if the purpose of the contribution is not earning as saving money, it is ideal.

What else is interesting in the Kazakh market?Kazakh branch of "VTB" offers deposit "Savings".By its terms, the customer can receive interest on a monthly basis.Term deposit too high (from 3 months to 3 years).The longer lie money in the account, the customer will receive more revenue (from 1.5 to 3% per annum).Provided for capitalization of interest.

Euro - a great option for earning

same bank allows you to place a deposit in euros.All the conditions coincide with the ruble option."Asia Credit Bank" has developed a contribution to the "Multicurrency".You can place funds exclusively for 24 months by 2.5 per annum.The advantage of the contribution that any time it can be converted into another currency.The minimum amount for accommodation - 600 euro.Interest is calculated on a monthly basis with the addition of them to the deposit amount.


Deposits from banks in Kazakhstan - it is very profitable options for placement of equity.