9 signs that you are becoming a crazy ex

former - it's always a good time too.But the crazy ex who can not move on and give the guy live in peace - it is much worse.And really do not want to fall under this designation.We have gathered a few basic features, so to speak, too fascinated by their ex-boyfriends give to you probably know that it's not about you.Well, or he was willing to seek help from a psychologist.

1. You're always thinking about it.

it should not be the focus of your attention, and you yourself.And if his way of haunting you day and night, and you can not throw these thoughts out of my head - it's like an obsession.

2. You do not remove it from the list of friends on social networks.

This means that you leave yourself room to "waste" and the fact that you continue to monitor information about it.

3. You're always asking about him friends in common.

Friends can and are happy not to poison your soul, but you yourself with masochistic aggressively trying to find out about it all possible information.

4. Do you often go to the place where you can meet him.

How would "accidentally", but every time you're secretly hoping that now he will come out of the bend and you come across, and between you again run through a spark, and everything will be as before.

5. Do you still keep his gifts.

And not just a store, and regularly take out, cry and remember the wonderful time that he gave them, and when you have all been so good.

6. You threw him messages.

In social networks, Skype, email, sms-kami ... It is not important where you write it, and what is important - how often.You are no longer together, and you need a break, to grow out of each other.In any case, even if you have agreed to remain friends.

7. Your friends have hinted that they are tired of listening to it.

This is a sure signal.Your friends and girlfriends, probably very loyal, sympathetic to you and are ready to listen and console.But even if they do not stand up, so really you've already developed an obsession.

8. You're developing a plan on how you will again come together.

again - you are no longer together.It is unclear how the future will develop life, but now you have to build their own future apart from each other, as if it did not sound hurt.

9. You sabotiruesh new relationship.

... Because unconsciously still love the former.And it not only destroys your psyche, but also prevents live on, prevents your happiness that you can now just do not see.Think about it.

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